Comfort. A Peace of my Mind.

Food doesn’t offer me comfort. The memories tied to it do. How many times have I eaten that stuff–roux leading straight to rue?

That street is not the way for me to go. ‘Tis better for me to just say, “Know!”

It’s best to be aware of where it is going–the pit falls and pot holes that cause a wreck and if there’s anything left(over) it will need a towing back to repair from the depths of despair.  (To make a rhyme from this reason. That’s a rap.)

It’s better for me to toe the line and not crossover for a collision–with my head handed over to sugar and a total loss of vision.

I’ve spent a great many long hard years wirh comfort food tending to lead me to tears.

Not everyone has an addiction. But I, most certainly, do. My comfort is not in the eating. My comfort is simply eschew!

If the smallest bite leads me out of control with sugar driving me crazys, I must stay away from the tasting part that could lead to me pushing up daisies.

It’s a matter of fact that I want to feel well and it’s also a fact I continue to tell: Sugar simply sends me to

a very bad place. I think I’d rather have egg on my face. Protein and fat and writing all that, help me to stick with my GOAL. Going On And Living. I’m Possible. In control!

This post was inspired by the Weight Watchers Connect hashtag prompt #comfortfoodday. My brain wanted to read it as comfort for today.

I will take that as a sign of my paradigm shift because comfort and food don’t work together for me.

I used to think they did. I have a lot of experience with trying to make that work. My top weight (253),moo’d swings, and aching, out of breath body was all the “comfort” I got from food.

By the way, “moo’d” was my phone’s autocorrect for “mood”. This is one of the few times the phone was right. My mood swings were related to my grazing through the day–a symptom of my unmanaged sugar addiction!

And now I’m reminded of a blog post I wrote about comfort. Come for Tea. It works for me.

That blog entry starts on page 286 of my book (The I’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction). The sub heading is “I found comfort in food for thought.”

I’m going to fix myself a cup of tea. Would you like to have a cup with me?

Best wishes for a peace and comfort. There’s some food for thought!


One thought on “Comfort. A Peace of my Mind.

  1. I’m having a cup of coffee, black as black can be, as I read this and I’m feeling comfort. You are so wise. Comfort foods are not comfort but the memories are. That is so powerful to digest. Thanks for the gift. Memories, not the food. Aaaaaahhh. I know if, but don’t always KNOW it. Thanks again for bringing me one tiny step closer as these words touch a very tender spot in my heart and a huge nerve. It will all be put to use as I bake cookies (for others) later today.


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