Blogs away. Working. Training. Chew-Chewing. Or Something.

I’ve been working on my website

It’s on a different platform than this blog and I’m trying to train myself to go that way more. If you click on this link or cut and paste into your address bar or browser or URL place, you can be on the right track to get there. I wrote a blog post this morning. It’s stream of consciousness with some rapids and maybe a whirlpool. I learned a lot while I was writing and rewriting it.

I can’t spend all the live long day working on my website. But I’m planning to spend more time on it than in the kitchen with dinnah.

Speaking of kitchens, I’m making some progress with a cookbook. It’s not in the publishing stage yet. We’re working on the Fee. Fie. Fiddle. I owe. Anyone want to get on board? Actually, I don’t have quite enough baggage yet.

In other news, I feel like I’ve turned a corner. The view ahead is good. I’m headed there. And I think I’m going to enjoy the journey. It involves a proposal. For a book.




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