May I have this stance?

May I have this stance?

I’d have posted a wonderful post

That was just a bit longer than most

But I dumped the whole schtick with the merest of flick

And now I have nothing to boast.

I was writing on my phone about the ski lesson we had at Schweitzer Mountain last month. Stance, and linking turns on the edges, and holding the poles in a more athletic way. I had so many parallels to my sugar addiction journey and tracking that I felt like a program on the psychology of weight loss should include alpine ski lessons. Sort of.

But I was typing on my phone and I messed up. It did save my title and the picture. I was telling a friend about the title and the turnĀ of events and she said she said it sounded like circumstance. And maybe a little pomp.

Anyway, I’ll try to recapture the excitement of ski lessons and sugar addiction lessons another time. Right now, I’m going to add a link to my book. Because that’s part of my stance. I was reading it on Monday and it really helped me through a tricky curve in the day.

If you’re curious and want to order it (The I’m Possible Journey: Living with Sugar Addiction) check out the sales rank on Amazon before you do. Then check it after. You can do big things with the click of an order! Amazon raised the price last week and then put it back down this week. I think it’s 40% off. I have no power over their pricing and it doesn’t affect the small royalty I get eventually. If you do buy it, let me know what you think. Or rate it on Amazon! Thanks for reading.

I have access to my desktop and easier posting for a few days. But right now, I have other things I must do.

Oh, wait. The first line of my introductory poem is my nod to the I’ds of March. Moving on.