Ghee whiz.

There’s this thing called bulletproof coffee. And one of the ingredients in the recipe my husband saw is ghee. He wasn’t quite sure what that was so he researched it. Now he might be a ghee whiz.

There’s probably a great reason to use ghee instead of butter, but, er, I don’t think I’m  ready for it. I’m up against a wallet. Maybe someday I’ll find out it’s worth it for the health of it. Right now, though, it’s butter up. (Seems appropriate as the baseball season approaches.)

Since 2011, I’ve reduced or eliminated sugar and flours from my intake. I’d call it my diet, but I have a hang up with diets. Basically, they don’t work for me.  In my experience, diets are washed up (like: Dial, Tone).

I eat what I consider to be healthful food. I pay attention to how I feel. That’s been the cost of my successful weight loss and GOAL (Going On And Living).

Along my journey, I’ve tweaked my eating style and most of the time I feel good. If people ask me about what I do, I tell them what has worked for me in a way that does not indicate that I think everyone should do what I do. That’s not my mission.

Occasionally, I choose to avoid certain foods like dairy products because I’m feeling a little off. If I feel better without them, I pay attention. Or, if it doesn’t seem to matter, I feel butter. (Actually, I read somewhere that ghee doesn’t have lactose or milk proteins in it. I’m glad that’s clarified. Or maybe it’s not.)

My journey of learning to live with sugar addiction has been an evolutionary process. I don’t monkey around with sugar or sugar substitutes. And I’m careful with processed grains. I’m not opposed to eating oatmeal or whole grains. But I tend to keep my carbohydrate intake lower than the general population. In lieu of the tenants of certain eating trends, I follow my private, or personal, guidelines that work for me.

I’ve been around (and less round) long enough to know that what works for one person may not work for another. Prescription drugs are that way. Why not food? If a particular food is not working well for me, I don’t think I want to use it. But I don’t think other people have to stop using it.

I’m not going to comment on the controversies of the pharmaceutical world, or the food world. My interest in contraverses are more poetical.

Anyway, my husband and I might try this bulletproof coffee just to see what it does. Coffee, mct oil (a derivative of coconut oil) and ghee whizzed in the blender. But, er, we’ll start with butter.

I’ll let you know what I think. What do you think?



Book Talk.

Book Talk.

I’m giving a book talk about The I’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction. It’s tonight at 6:30 pm at the East Hampton Public Library in (where else would it be) East Hampton. It’s the library where I first found validation for my sugar addiction and hope to manage it (instead of it managing me).

I found it interesting that our local NPR station had an interview with the author of that book this afternoon. Kathleen DesMaisons, PhD, sent me an email (I’m on the mailing list, we’re not personal acquaintances) telling about the Colin McEnroe show and her appearance on it. I didn’t listen to it live, but I did figure out how to listen to the podcast of it later. Here’s the link if you’d like to listen to it, too. Sugar Show Podcast.

I’m not sure how many people will be at the talk tonight. I think there will be at least six. The librarian put on the flyers that I would be serving no sugar added treats. Perhaps that will be a draw. I have chocobanana seed crackers, apple spice cake, and almond macaroonish candies. All with no sugar added. My testers have approved. Will I see you there?

I did some practicing for my talk that included me recording myself reading a poem. I uploaded it to YouTube and it’s What about guilt?

I have my baked goods prepared. I have a stack of books and a pen to sign them should anyone want to buy a copy or two or three! I have before pictures and after pictures, but the big picture will be me in my healthy weight range managing my sugar addiction into a seventh year.

It wasn’t impossible. Because I found out what I could do and did it. I’m Possible. And you are, too!


Doing the Write Thing.

Doing the Write Thing.

I’ve been doing my writing on the Weight Watchers Connect site lately. It’s not my favorite place to write because it’s a bit awkward typing on my phone and there’s not much interaction with people. But then again….

Here’s something from this morning. I woke up in rhyming mode. Put on your life preserver. This is stream of consciousness rapid rafting. Or maybe it’s rapping. Continue reading “Doing the Write Thing.”

Searching for answers. Bing vs. Binge.

When I wrote my blog post yesterday, I was not thinking of search engines. But this morning, I realized I’d neglected to remember one of Google’s competitors.

I haven’t used Bing very much. It was preloaded as the default search engine on one of our computers. Or maybe it was just the web browser we were using. I’m not very techno-savvy. I have, however, used (and still do use) Google. A lot. It’s easy to binge on Google once I get going with a curiosity. Perhaps it’s part of my addiction. Or not.

As I type this, I seem to recall a sound with Bing. Continue reading “Searching for answers. Bing vs. Binge.”

Explosion in a Spaghetti Factory.

Explosion in a Spaghetti Factory.

This is a phrase a dearly departed friend of mine used to say when things seemed messed up beyond belief. And it might be the most apt description of some of my thoughts last week. (I didn’t get back to this post until a week or more later than I started it). I’m just going to add to it, though. Because I think it is telling.) Continue reading “Explosion in a Spaghetti Factory.”

Things I do Write.

Things I do Write.

Sometimes I feel in a downward trend

With addiction and its wiles

While all around me are things that are good,

Good, in spite of any trials.

My auto correct changed up “things” to “thanks”

And perhaps that is something that’s right.

Thankfulness growing within my heart

Crowds out a discouraging blight.


I could type, for better or verse,

Lots of things I’ve done wrong

And though I like the color blues

It’s not my favorite song.

Dwelling on the negative thoughts,

I feel myself starting to sink

When what I need is a positive feed

To write on my focus or think!

I was thinking about whining this morning. It doesn’t take much to change it into winning”

There’s no need for “whining”

Or sour grapes

When what I’d rather is win

I’ll knock the “h” down and switch it around

To “winning” right from begin!

I had a good day today. Among other good things, there was no grazing on my part. I was able to laugh when I drove by the sign for Mooween State Park on my way home from Rhode Island this afternoon. (Just in case you don’t see it, Moo-ween is awfully close to my name when I’ve been grazing like a cow. Moo-reen Maureen!) I took the back roads because I was driving the Miata. It felt right. Things are looking up when I drive the Miata. At least, I am–there’s nowhere else to look!