Doing the Write Thing.

Doing the Write Thing.

I’ve been doing my writing on the Weight Watchers Connect site lately. It’s not my favorite place to write because it’s a bit awkward typing on my phone and there’s not much interaction with people. But then again….

Here’s something from this morning. I woke up in rhyming mode. Put on your life preserver. This is stream of consciousness rapid rafting. Or maybe it’s rapping. Continue reading “Doing the Write Thing.”


Changing a Tire.

Changing a Tire.

A couple of months ago, I had to get new tires for my minivan. I jokingly said my van was getting retired, never thinking that my husband would soon be offered a retirement package from his long time employer. We had been exploring retirement planning options and thinking about years from now. But things changed and his retirement starts this afternoon. He will be retired.

I suppose I could go into a commentary about Goodyears. And that’s what we hope to have in this next phase. We have a lot of good years behind us. But this is front wheel drive. Looking forward to a new chapter. And once he decompresses from the stresses of work, he may be a new chap!  Continue reading “Changing a Tire.”

Happy Beethoven’s Birthday.

Happy Beethoven’s Birthday.

This post has nothing to do with my I’m Possible Journey other than the fact that writing helps me get through times when I might be tempted to graze through the afternoon. In that case, this has everything to do with my I’m Possible Journey.

The reason I know it’s Beethoven’s birthday is because it’s also my older sister’s birthday. She is an amazing piano player (I speak as her younger, less adept at playing the piano, sister) and she likes Beethoven.

I am pseudo celebrating by roasting beets in my oven. Beet-oven. Before I put the beets in the oven, I made some crackers from curiosity about what could be done with the new Weight Watchers zero points foods. Continue reading “Happy Beethoven’s Birthday.”

Oh Foo-y.

Oh Foo-y.

Weight Watchers has come up with a new tweak to its tracking system and plan. Last year or the year before, it came up with a new plan that essentially pointed people to foods with less fat and less sugar. I’d been pointing myself to foods with less sugar since 2011, and I even told Weight Watchers about it. But when they asked me to share my story for their One Amazing Day event in 2013 they asked me to tone down the greatly reduced sugar part of the story because they didn’t want people thinking they had to deny themselves of anything. Continue reading “Oh Foo-y.”

Getting rid of Hang-ups.

Getting rid of Hang-ups.

I’ve been working on a closet project. The calendar shows the season of fall is here, but there seems to be a hang up in the weather. (High eighties and humid.) So whether or not to put the summer clothes away and move into fall and winter is the question. Hang? er not? I started the transition, but my closet needed a clean out.

The answer for my closet project last week was to get rid of the excess hangers, or as I like to call them sometimes, hang-ups. I think that could be a good way to approach major projects in general (is that a colonel of wisdom?).

What is the hang up? Can I just toss it out? Or at least remove it to a different place so I can move forward with this particular goal? Will it be useful again? Or is it time to pitch it? It’s a home run-down if I hang onto hangups that don’t work for me. (This goes for clothes I just don’t like or don’t wear, as well as the metal, wood, or plastic devises that keep them on the closet rod.)

Which leads me to the idea of hangups offending (off-ending, or messing up a goal). I think I’m onto something big. Sometimes hang ups get tangled together. Reach for one and it doesn’t come clean. Or it brings out a bunch and makes a mess. Better to keep the hangups to a minimum, I think.

But back to the closet. I like the idea of the closet being a place of change. It’s easier to change if there’s not a lot of clutter, including hangups, in the way.  This is a multi-level thought that I want to ponder for awhile.  It may seem like I’ve already pun-dered it to death, but I think I need to think about it until I get to the “oh” moment. That may be the key to changing the “mom meant” to do something to try-umph.

Writing my thoughts has been a big part of me changing my paradigm about how I eat. It may seem like a hangup to need write about things, but I find it helps me keep order. Sometimes I write to distract myself from eating between meals. Other times, I write to explore my thoughts from a different angle.

Originally, I shared my thoughts on the Weight Watchers community blog site. I was using the Weight Watchers online tracking tools along with some sugar addiction management rules to try to get some control over my health. (I had some hang-ups about my Weight Watchers meeting room memories.) I lost a lot of weight, got rid of some hang ups, and I gained a support group.

With the encouragement of a lot of people, I published a book from my Weight Watchers blogging experience. It’s helped me when I’ve gone back and remembered how I used to be (obese and unhealthy) and how I changed. I’ve had positive feedback to let me know that sharing my thoughts has helped others in their journeys.

Weight Watchers discontinued the blogging site last year and I started blogging more (e’en) here. I’ve also tried to use Weight Watchers Connect. I’ve had ups and downs with my addiction management. I think that has to do with life. I haven’t gone back to eating sugar, but I struggle with eating between meals as an emotional or stress reaction. (Food does provide a fleeting measure of relief, but it’s too close to self medication or using drugs for this addict.)

I don’t write as often as I used to. Perhaps I’ve accumulated some hang-ups along the way? It’s a continual process. Working on, or in, the closets. Seeking to change. For the better. It’s worth it.

PS. I’ve had a lot of requests to publish a cookbook. But I’ve also had a lot of hang-ups about doing it. The project seemed way to big for me.  A special deal for free extra pages in photo books with Shutterfly helped me get past one hangup: I needed to see what I could do without spending a huge amount of money.

I put together my first attempt at a cookbook last week. Soon, I’ll have a physical book I can work from. I’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t. I’ll be able to see what quality pictures I need. I’ll be able to get feedback about how to organize the recipes and what else I can include. I think this book will toss out a lot of hangups, too. What has seemed impossible may just turn out to be I’m Possible again. The I’m Possible Chef.



Or Actually, I Can!21557937_10155846896994558_8220981694730113947_n



20170214_145612.jpgI just got back from a week long vacation to the Pacific Northwest. My husband and I flew into Seattle and spent the weekend with a few relatives before we flew east to Spokane and then drove further northeast to Schweitzer Mountain. We were on a ski trip to the west because the snow wasn’t great in New England.

Our flight out of Boston was delayed a couple of hours because it was snowing. And it kept snowing in New England. The whole time we were gone. Meanwhile (and it did seem a little mean, but we didn’t take it personally), it rained and rained and rained at Schweitzer Mountain. We did have one perfectly wonderful bluebird day logging 20,000 vertical feet of skiing. No, we didn’t cut logs, we skied and skied and skied. And then the skies started falling.

We didn’t fall. The rain fell. The second day of skiing was a bit damp. But we had some good runs (on our skis) before we traded them in for our bathing suits and a run to the outdoor hot tub. Wednesday night, we went off mountain to the village of Sandpoint, Idaho. I think it would be a lovely place to visit in dry weather. We had supper and then went to a meeting with some friends we hadn’t met yet. (Long story, but a good one.)

Thursday morning, we decided to not even try to ski. It was pouring rain with a few snowflakes thrown in for a little hope. But we didn’t trust the forecast that was calling for two hours of straight snow in the middle of the day followed by more rain. We left after breakfast and decided to swing by the town where I first went to college 36 years ago.

We drove south, through Idaho and took a right when we got to Moscow. A few miles west of that and we were in Pullman, Washington. The home of Washington State University. We enjoyed burgers at the Cougar Country Drive-In, and then visited some folks I knew when I was there for school. It was fun to take a trip down memory lane. But it was also sobering to realize a lot of the reason for me not staying there to finish even one semester, was related to sugar addiction.

I vividly remember a lack of impulse control regarding food, especially sugar. I know there were other factors involved, but I wonder if I had known back then what I know now, if things would have been different.

I’m not bemoaning this. There is no point to exploring the what ifs. My life is good and I cannot despise what has led me to where I am now. The present is lovely. The future looks bright. I mentioned this thought as a little insight.

I was happy to show my husband the amazing hills of the Palouse as we made our way back to Spokane to catch our flight home. We checked out the lobby of the Davenport Hotel-a 1918 heyday preserved in its magnificence. And then we enjoyed a Northwest Inland dinner with elk meatballs and grilled salmon at a less swanky place near the airport.

Since returning home, I’ve continued with my plan of three meals a day and no grazing. I didn’t track my food on vacation (it was usually served up without any need to track it down). My justification was justavacation and it produced a five pound loss. I’ll take it.

Historically, and somewhat hysterically, I lose control of my eating after vacation. But I’ve been hanging on and feeling good about my choices since returning to normal. Perhaps I’m enjoying the ride so much that I don’t feel like falling off the wagon.

I do think reconnecting with some of my former blogging buddies has helped. I also think my acceptance of what Weight Watchers Connect can and cannot do has been a good thing, too.

A Weight Watchers leader shared my Facebook page with her group and I’ve seen a bump up in book sales. What a thrill to be in the 100,000’s out of over 8,000,000 titles on Amazon! Even more reason to keep doing what works for me!

I’ll let this be all for now. Well, I might try to post some pictures. You’ll know if I was successful!