Going around in Circles.

That seems appropriate for Pi Day (3/14). But tomorrow, Ides be better off walking a straight line. I’d have done better if I’d done that today. Tomorrow is the Ides of March. It’s not march fourth. But perhaps I’ll do it anyway.

Playing with words. That’s what I do when I’m using my tools and not saying Moo. This post may be stranger or not than most. If I do not write, though, I feel like toast. And toast is made of sugar like flour. If I gave in to that, I’d just lose my power. And there I’m done with a blurb for today. I’ll come back again to see what you say.


Miss and misses.

I really miss my WordPress blog.

But I think I’ll go on missing

For just a little while more,

E’en folks may not be list’ning.

I’ve been away from my laptop

It’s easy to Connect on my phone

But blogging is where I like to write

And pun ’til even I groan.

Really. I have so much to write about. But not yet. Stay tuned. (Or not.) Thanks for being here.

Doing the Write Thing.

Doing the Write Thing.

I’ve been doing my writing on the Weight Watchers Connect site lately. It’s not my favorite place to write because it’s a bit awkward typing on my phone and there’s not much interaction with people. But then again….

Here’s something from this morning. I woke up in rhyming mode. Put on your life preserver. This is stream of consciousness rapid rafting. Or maybe it’s rapping. Continue reading “Doing the Write Thing.”

Changing a Tire.

Changing a Tire.

A couple of months ago, I had to get new tires for my minivan. I jokingly said my van was getting retired, never thinking that my husband would soon be offered a retirement package from his long time employer. We had been exploring retirement planning options and thinking about years from now. But things changed and his retirement starts this afternoon. He will be retired.

I suppose I could go into a commentary about Goodyears. And that’s what we hope to have in this next phase. We have a lot of good years behind us. But this is front wheel drive. Looking forward to a new chapter. And once he decompresses from the stresses of work, he may be a new chap!  Continue reading “Changing a Tire.”

Searching for answers. Bing vs. Binge.

When I wrote my blog post yesterday, I was not thinking of search engines. But this morning, I realized I’d neglected to remember one of Google’s competitors.

I haven’t used Bing very much. It was preloaded as the default search engine on one of our computers. Or maybe it was just the web browser we were using. I’m not very techno-savvy. I have, however, used (and still do use) Google. A lot. It’s easy to binge on Google once I get going with a curiosity. Perhaps it’s part of my addiction. Or not.

As I type this, I seem to recall a sound with Bing. Continue reading “Searching for answers. Bing vs. Binge.”

Daily Planet.

I’m not superwoman, but perhaps that’s because I don’t have a daily plan it.

I wasn’t planning to write a second blog post today, but when I had a visitor from Thailand that seemed to be via the WordPress reader, I decided to  click on the reader link on the top of my WordPress site.  I scrolled down a bit to the daily prompt: Planet.

My immediate thought was, “I can’t do this, I didn’t plan it.” And then I thought, “My stars, I think I’ll do it anyway. I didn’t really think, “my stars”, but it seems to fit here.

I dashed into my closet for a change from suit and Thai, but ran into a hang up. Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t do that either. Here I am rafting down my stream of consciouness, rapidly writing myself into a corner. All because I didn’t plan it.

Some folks may have never heard of such a thing. But it seems to be my Kryptonite.

I think I’d better go make a list for the rest of the day. If I plan it, I think it will go worlds better.


via Daily Prompt: Planet