Fine. And other Conundrums.

Fine. And other Conundrums.

I had to pay a fine this week. It was for a book that I didn’t return to the library on time. I find it rather funny that it was The I Hate To Cook Book. I don’t hate to cook. And the recipe I wanted from the book was Overnight Macaroons. I don’t eat macaroons. They are loaded with sugar.

I saw the book when I was looking for a book that might have jerky recipes and impulsively checked it out. (By the way, I also checked out the Dehydrator’s Bible and found a recipe I could adapt to make a copy of Epic brand Chicken Jerky.) I reminisced through the Elevator Lady Spice Cookies recipe and decided to try out the overnight macaroons since I wasn’t trying to make cookies in a huge hurry. (The spice cookies are super fast–35 minutes from start to clean up for 3 dozen cookies.)

The reason I had to pay a fine for this book that I remember from my childhood is because it’s a new edition and it’s in the new section of books. Therefore, it is a 14 day loan instead of 28 days. I’m chalking my mistake up to the new receipt system that has replaced a date stamp in each borrowed item. It’s new technology. And it’s fine.

A word like fine is a conundrum of sorts. When someone asks me how I am, I often say, “Fine.” But I’m not talking about a penalty. I mean, well, good. But when someone breaks a rule, they often have to pay a fine. Does that make something bad good?  Maybe that’s the right end of it.

If I don’t manage my sugar addiction, I pay a fine. I don’t feel fine, I feel lousy. Although sometimes, at first, I feel fine as in good. Or maybe it’s high. How are you? Fine. And then there’s a crash. Or there’s an urge to look for more food instead of being content with Maureen in control.

And then there’s looking fine. Feeling fine. Feeling groovy. I’d like to break my record of slipping into grazing from time to time. I’d just like to feel fine. (Reading back over this paragraph, I feel like it could be the lyrics to a pop song. I don’t usually understand them, either.)

Perhaps I’m not making sense. But that’s fine. I’m writing. I’m not eating. I’m thinking it’s sense that determines what fine applies to a situation.

I have two painting projects this week. Some of the time I’ll be rolling with a roller. And other times I’ll be making a fine line between white and wrong. Well, not wrong, but the  paint color I’ve chosen for the walls. But first, I’m going to take the time to prime. Right now, it’s prime time. I’ve got to beat it.

What’s a conundrum to you? (PS. The picture is the chicken jerky I made. It looks a little like drumsticks to me.)

Once Upon a Mouse.

This sounds a little like a Disney production, but it’s simply a response to a lovely blog post my author friend (I have more than one) wrote about me last week. If you have a chance, go meet Jena C. Henry.

Here we are togetherjenahenry

In the post, she used the word eponymous and suggested I might have fun with that word. No pressure. e-pony-mous? No, just a website with my name attached to it.

I am super busy right now. But I will write that I did not eat between meals today. I looked at stuff that I could have eaten. But I did not eat it. And I am glad. The writing is good reinforcement. And that’s what I need. Not eating between meals.

And now, I’m unplugging for the evening.

Good night moon. And speaking of that book, I think it could also be called Once upon a mouse. The mouse makes her way across the room in the book. My kids used to delight in finding it. We don’t know its name or how old it is  Perhaps it’s a nona mouse.


Re Views.

Re Views.

The views of this blog are my own. And the reviews are when I look at the posts again (and check for comments).  I like to get reviews, or comments, on my blog because I like to feel connected to people. Some people leave comments and others leave likes. Some people follow my blog. Others signed up for the emails and they read them that way. You are one of my readers and I thank you. Even if you just leave, I thank you for stopping by.

But what I want to do is write a review of the company we ordered personalized napkins from. I ordered them on Friday and then reviewed my order on Sunday (mostly because I just wanted to see them again.  It’s a lovely design and the colors work nicely.) But upon reviewing the order, I noticed a typo which made my heart sink. I sent an email to the “contact us” even though I’d checked a box on the order form saying I had proofed and previewed the order to my satisfaction.

Yesterday, I called the company when they opened and talked to a woman who listened to my story and said she would see what she could do if the napkins hadn’t gone to production yet. When she checked, she could see that someone had already remedied the problem in response to my email. That typo for this type O (see my last blog post) is now the way it should be.

I’m a fan of this napkin company. Check out The Stationery Studio even if you only want to play with their design-your-own napkins feature. I don’t know if their prices are competitive or not. But I do know I’m glad we went with them because they’re the right type for me.

Another review that’s on my mind is my dentist. I had a dentist appointment after the napkin order on Friday. Mind you, I didn’t know about the typo yet, but I was relaxed enough to be a little startled when the hygienist put the chair up and asked me to rinse. I was almost asleep! That’s a pretty good review right there, but the review I really liked was the conversation I had with the hygienist before she started cleaning my teeth. She has read my book and really liked it. She thinks her daughter would like it. She also liked the puns that are liberally sprinkled throughout my writing. As I was talking to her, I realized it’s a pretty good personal review that I’m still on my I’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction. It is coming up on 6 years since I found my ticket. (And if you’re looking for a great dental practice in central Connecticut, check out Waterview Dental. If you make an appointment with Jeanette, tell her I sent you!)

On Friday afternoon, my husband and I had an appointment with a retirement planner–not to discuss new tires for our cars, but to discuss what happens when paychecks become pension checks. The man we met with has read my book (I gave him a copy) and liked it. He said he had just noticed my book on the shelf and was thinking he should have his dad read it. (His dad had just announced he was going to get healthy.) What I liked about his review was that he said he wasn’t thinking about his upcoming appointment with us. It just seemed like a good book for someone who was wanting to make some healthy changes.

But speaking of retirement, I wanted to leave a review of a book series written by my friend Jena C. Henry. She explores relationships as they navigate life in retirement. It’s a humorous and real look at the path to new normals in the golden years. If you’re interested, you might want at least read the reviews on Amazon or look at her website. I met her in person and she’s as real as her writing.

Saturday afternoon I was talking with another person and the subject of weight loss came up. She hasn’t read my book from cover to cover, but she said she likes to read little bits at a time for motivation and inspiration. (That’s how I like to read it, too.) We were talking about selective memory for food. I just shared that when I remember how a food makes me feel along with the taste of it, I can usually stick with the memory of the taste and avoid how it would make me feel if I were to eat it. That’s the kind of stuff that’s in my book. Her review helped me know that what helps me can possible help someone else. A validation of sorts.

Speaking of sorts, I was a bit out of sorts when I got the marketing report from my recent campaign with  Even though the ads in my campaign got a lot of clicks and impressions and my website had thousands of new viewers, I had no book sales. Unfortunately, I felt like it was a review of my book that was: don’t bother to take look. Fortunately, my husband saw it differently. He just said the target audience wasn’t right.

My goal in publishing a book was to have something to refer to (or review) when I wanted to remember how I got from where I was to healthy. I wanted to be able to remember the bad stuff without having to relive it. That objective has been, and continues to be, met. My other goal was to help people who were dealing with sugar addiction or other food related struggles. Based on my Amazon reviews, I’ve helped a few people with that. And I think that’s good.

But the marketing results were a little off putting in my head. I’m not knocking Frank. But, to be frank, I think I wasn’t quite ready for marketing. Not quite yet. I’ll continue to write because that’s part of what helps me manage my sugar addiction. I’ll consider revamping my website to include recipes and newsletters and direct sales, but only as it fits into my life. Not to fit my life into it. (That’s a profound statement that I will try to consider in my amateur ways.)

Right now, I need to review the lawn and cut it. When I come in from that, it will be time to review the washer and transfer the clean clothes to the dryer.

What are you reviewing today?

PS. The view pictured at the top is from Schweitzer Mountain in Idaho. The view below is from the Badlands in South Dakota. I wouldn’t mind re-viewing both places!20160606_150954


Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

The title sounds a little dramatic. What s’more, it might be marshmallow dramatic. But it’s what came to my mind and I’ll stick with it for now. (If at this point you think I’ve totally gone crackers, click this link: s’mores.)

I read an article somewhere lately. I’m not sure where the article was or even where I was at the time, but the gist of it was that people with type O positive blood seem to attract female mosquitoes when they’re searching for a victim. The insult to injury is the mosquito needs the blood to help her produce eggs (which basically means more mosquito bites for me).  I ran out of time at that point and my response was, “Oh, mos quit.” Or, mos quit o.  Or not. I have O+ blood. I get mosquito bites when other people think there are no mosquitoes around. Those people notice when I leave the area, though, because the female mosquitoes are paying attention to their biological clock as it ticks and they are less picky about blood type when I’m not around.

The type O blood is a bigger problem than that, though. I have been trying to assist some folks with ordering invitations and printed napkins. Type O is coming through there, too.  The invitation typo was easily set straight. The font was easy to copy and the missing letter was an I at the end of a word. For no extra charge (other than a little sweat and almost tears), I was able to add the missing “i” so they wouldn’t look like minion or pirate invitations. And the hosts’ last name was spelled correctly.

The second typo might not be as easy to clean up, even though they are napkins. An errant comma gives pause where it doesn’t belong. After 60 years, they who hesitate too much might not get there. Or they might like a little nap on the way. But it looks a little strange and I may end up ordering more (e’en). It’s not worth it to distract people who know about commas from the main event.

I will cut this post a bit short because I’m on my way out the door to help someone else with some projects in her yard. The forecast is calling for sweat. But as long as I don’t focus on the last three letters between meals, I should be okay.

The tears go along with a decoupage project I’m struggling with. The last decoupage project I did was probably forty-eight years ago (give or take a few minutia). I haven’t cried over this project (yet), but I have torn the paper enough to have to rethink how I’m going to achieve success. I may have to rename the project and try a different technique. I have a habit of doing crafts the same way I cook. (If you’ve read my book, you might remember the Tarragon Chicken recipe I was using turned into Marjoram Pork when I discovered I didn’t have the key ingredients as I was attempting to prepare the meal.)

I’ll leave the rest of the story for when I finish it.  I’m sorry for any typos that may be in this post.


Re: New

Sometimes this blog feels like the same old, same old. And with a birthday a few days ago, it might seem like same older. But I see this place as new. New opportunities. New beginnings. Or new continuings.

I’ve proven that renewing my Awareness, Acceptance and Adapting, related to my sugar addiction, keeps my MAPS up to date. Motivated And Positively Sugarfree. It keeps me going in the right direction. Continue reading “Re: New”