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I haven’t written in this blog for months. I’ve been doing my creative writing for sugar addiction management on my Connect app with Weight Watchers. It’s not my favorite place to write, but it has worked for me. Mostly.

Today I looked at this word press site and discovered that someone from India had looked at this old blog post. I read it over and smiled. But I wondered what the person who read it thought.

The purpose for me to publish my book (The I’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction) was to have a reference to turn to as a help in managing my sugar addiction. I thought it would be nice to have something to remind me of where I had been and what I did to get out of the control of sugar.

A few weeks ago, someone asked me how my book was doing. I started to answer that the book scan report doesn’t show many sales, but then I answered that it was doing well. It had gotten me out of a tricky situation with food. And I was thankful to have it.

I’ve gotten many phone calls from marketers who would like to “sponsor” my book to increase sales. I’ve listened to a few of the pitches, but I realize the sponsorship is actually a pitch for me to pay them quite a bit of money for no guarantees of any returns.

The return on my investment of writing The I’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction is that I am doing just that. Living with sugar addiction. I’m managing it. Sugar isn’t managing me.

Just yesterday, someone close to me was looking for something sweet to eat. There were lots of options and it occurred to me that having lots of sugary options available was an amazing thing. I used to eat them all. And buy more. Now I buy them because I know someone who will eat them responsibly.

Sugar is not something I eat. It’s just how it is. Not will power. Won’t power. I won’t go back to how I used to feel. I won’t be controlled by food. I don’t want sugar anymore. I just want Maureen!

There. I’ve written my first WordPress blog post in months. What do you think of that?


What’s up with U?

What’s up with U?

I like to see where my readers are from. It’s a feature on wordpress sites. People from places all over the world have read the posts that I writes.

Today has featured the letter U. US, UK and Uganda, too. Why has this happened? I have no clue.

But what I do know is that I tried bulletproof coffee this morning. 2 tablespoons butter, 2 Tablespoons MCT oil, 20 grams unsweetened, unflavored whey protein powder, and a cup of coffee. That was my version.

It tasted fine. I crossed the line of never to say I’d not had it. My eyes popped wide. I felt wired inside. I’ll give it this, not my type of bliss, but a solid (liquid) not bad, it.

I’ve done yoga to work on my hip. Nothing’s gone past my lip. I’m not hungry, not full, there’s no sugar pull. Perhaps this was a good tip.

Back to U.

Uganda comment? Or Uruguay?

(You goin’ ta comment?  Or you’re go ‘way?)


Ghee whiz.

There’s this thing called bulletproof coffee. And one of the ingredients in the recipe my husband saw is ghee. He wasn’t quite sure what that was so he researched it. Now he might be a ghee whiz.

There’s probably a great reason to use ghee instead of butter, but, er, I don’t think I’m  ready for it. I’m up against a wallet. Maybe someday I’ll find out it’s worth it for the health of it. Right now, though, it’s butter up. (Seems appropriate as the baseball season approaches.)

Since 2011, I’ve reduced or eliminated sugar and flours from my intake. I’d call it my diet, but I have a hang up with diets. Basically, they don’t work for me.  In my experience, diets are washed up (like: Dial, Tone).

I eat what I consider to be healthful food. I pay attention to how I feel. That’s been the cost of my successful weight loss and GOAL (Going On And Living).

Along my journey, I’ve tweaked my eating style and most of the time I feel good. If people ask me about what I do, I tell them what has worked for me in a way that does not indicate that I think everyone should do what I do. That’s not my mission.

Occasionally, I choose to avoid certain foods like dairy products because I’m feeling a little off. If I feel better without them, I pay attention. Or, if it doesn’t seem to matter, I feel butter. (Actually, I read somewhere that ghee doesn’t have lactose or milk proteins in it. I’m glad that’s clarified. Or maybe it’s not.)

My journey of learning to live with sugar addiction has been an evolutionary process. I don’t monkey around with sugar or sugar substitutes. And I’m careful with processed grains. I’m not opposed to eating oatmeal or whole grains. But I tend to keep my carbohydrate intake lower than the general population. In lieu of the tenants of certain eating trends, I follow my private, or personal, guidelines that work for me.

I’ve been around (and less round) long enough to know that what works for one person may not work for another. Prescription drugs are that way. Why not food? If a particular food is not working well for me, I don’t think I want to use it. But I don’t think other people have to stop using it.

I’m not going to comment on the controversies of the pharmaceutical world, or the food world. My interest in contraverses are more poetical.

Anyway, my husband and I might try this bulletproof coffee just to see what it does. Coffee, mct oil (a derivative of coconut oil) and ghee whizzed in the blender. But, er, we’ll start with butter.

I’ll let you know what I think. What do you think?


Going around in Circles.

That seems appropriate for Pi Day (3/14). But tomorrow, Ides be better off walking a straight line. I’d have done better if I’d done that today. Tomorrow is the Ides of March. It’s not march fourth. But perhaps I’ll do it anyway.

Playing with words. That’s what I do when I’m using my tools and not saying Moo. This post may be stranger or not than most. If I do not write, though, I feel like toast. And toast is made of sugar like flour. If I gave in to that, I’d just lose my power. And there I’m done with a blurb for today. I’ll come back again to see what you say.

The square of pie is brownie.

If you read my post from yesterday, you may have wondered about my repurposed pie. Well, yesterday for lunch at Stratton I had one with a dollop of peanut butter on top. We were sitting outside eating our lunch after a few runs of spring skiing. It was warm in the sun. And it felt good. The brownie tasted good. No recipe. It’s as easy as pie squared.IMG_20180301_113152872

Relishing Retirement But Need Catchup.

That’s a pretty wild title. And if the former U.S. Secretary of State had written it, people would wonder what Condi meant. Or not.

I wrote it because it dawned on me, even though it is late afternoon, that I need to write a blog post. I’ve had a complicated February with writing. And it seems like I didn’t write much in January, either.

Retirement has been interesting. My husband has been busy getting things in order for his new chapter. We’ve gone skiing a few times, including a week at Sunday River in Maine. On our way home to Connecticut, we went through Canada to see family. We can do that now that we’re retired. Driving doesn’t have to be a straight line thing.

Hmm. Better be careful on that one–don’t want to start driving with the rumble strips as bumpers. I was going to say something about older drivers weaving back and forth on the road, but perhaps it’s not an “elder” thing anymore with people texting and driving. (Bring on the self driving cars!) In the process of Googling older drivers and rumble strips as guides, I found a video of a car driving across rumble strips that sound like America the Beautiful. When I checked it out on snopes, this is what I found.

Okay. Back to the center line. (That sounds a bit like catchup.) I started this post yesterday when I was really getting antsy about eating. It was no picnic. I just wanted to eat. That’s a signal to me that my sugar addiction is wanting to make a breakout play for control. I was paying attention and writing was the price to pay to stay in control.

I was distracted from finishing my post when I told my husband about the singing road as he was planning a road trip. That tripped up the blog post, but it kept me distracted from eating until it was suppertime.

I knew it had been a close call when, while I was fixing supper, I started dessert first. Dessert was a re-purposed failed recipe I had made for Sunday dinner. The original was a no sugar added fruit and yogurt pie in a gluten free coconut almond crust. I didn’t have enough unflavored gelatin to set up the fruit and yogurt mixture to my liking, so I didn’t serve the pie. Instead, I served cinnamon sprinkled baked apple quarters with homemade (full fat) Greek yogurt. I also put out a small pitcher of maple syrup for folks who can tolerate (or need) extra sweetness. That was a nice ending to a lovely dinner.

The pie sat in the fridge until Monday morning when I had a piece with breakfast. It tasted okay but it was still not pie. I considered freezing it, but decided to put the whole thing in my ninja IQ food processor. That seemed the smartest option at the time. I added two eggs, some plain whey protein powder, baking soda, vanilla extract, salt, ground cinnamon, old fashion oatmeal, and unsweetened cocoa powder. I baked that mixture in a greased 9×13 pan for 25 minutes and got a brownie like cookie bar. Gluten free and no sugar added.

I’ve been interrupted whilst writing this post. I’ll just say that the bars are quite good. I haven’t eaten them all. I’m keeping my eating to mealtimes. And now I must go ski.

I’ll write when I can. (No pressure.)

If you’re retired, what do you do?

Moving on.

I do not find encouragement

In a place of guilt.

I find it in some thankfulness

However the scale will tilt.


The number there is just a tool—

I’m so much more than that.

I’m thankful to know just what to do

If I’m skinny or if I feel fat!


When I pay attention to what I eat

And how my mind is feeling

I can take control over sugar’s blow

Instead of simply reeling.


Il track my moods and eat good foods

I am strong and will not wilt.

I move on from the scale.

Encouraged—not a fail.

Thankful–not filled with guilt!


I’m still working on this concept.

It has taken me many a year.

I’ve had some slips

And things pad my hips

That could cause me to shed a tear.


But I feel like I’ve turned a corner.

I’m finding more e’en to cheer.

This way to cope

Tends more to hope

Instead of to guilt and fear!


So Hip, hips away!

It’s Saturday!

I’m so glad to have a plan!

I’m going to do

My best (you can, too)!

With a thankful spirit, we can!


I’ve been working my tool of creative writing on the Weight Watchers Connect site. It’s not my favorite place to write. But I’m making it work for me. I’m in a mode (but I don’t have a code) of rhyming poetry.

Retirement is a huge change. It’s not bad. Parts of it are great. We’ve skied eleven times this season with our Max Passes. The weather looks favorable for more. And Maureen’s happy about that! The biggest help I’ve had with the changes of retirement is accepting that they don’t have to be figured out all at once. We’re exploring what works. And enjoying the ride most of the time.

My book talk went very well. I’ll like to do more of them, but I have to figure out how to drum up interest. There were seventeen people who showed up and were engaged in listening and asking questions. Perhaps I had the right ring about me.

I’ll write more when I can. The above poem is one that came to me when I was thinking about discouragement. I found it more helpful to think about encouragement and I’m thankful that happened!

My I’m Possible Journey continues. I am thankful for all the help along the way. Thanks for being here.