The I’M POSSIBLE Journey

It’s time to update my page from “in the process of publishing” to “ready for sale!”

Check out my website at and click the book cover for a direct link to the Amazon site! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I look forward to knowing what you think about my book! If you purchase it and read it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. Thanks!

The I’M POSSIBLE Journey is my record of doing something I always thought was impossible: living in a healthy weight range, in control, not being controlled by food. It’s my record of learning to live with sugar addiction.

A pause trophy. My mind hears that when I see an apostrophe. Although it’s a substitute for letters in a contraction, I also see it as a hyper comma which makes me think: pause. I’ve learned that a pause to consider how I’m feeling and how I will feel as a consequence to an action leads to a win in managing my sugar addiction. It is the difference between impossible and I’m Possible!

She who hesitates has gained
A tiny bit of wait.
Just enough time to think again–
A helpful weight loss trait!

I gain so much when I count the cost
Of a mouthful or morsel or bite.
And lose the thought of eat right now
That makes the clothes grow tight.

The wisdom in the second thought
The time it takes to do what I ought
To win the battle that must be fought
Over sugar’s wiles and what it has wrought.

There’s full scale value
In counting the cost.
For she who hesitates enough
Can find that she has lost!

Read through my blog posts for a taste of my writing style and some insight into my book and history. Well, it’s mystory. I’d love to share it with you. I’ve found that I’m Possible. Perhaps you’ll realize you’re possible, too!


4 thoughts on “The I’M POSSIBLE Journey

  1. I’m testing out the comments section. Still learning how and what this site can do! I’m wondering if it works better to have the home page appear first or the most recent blog post. I have yet to see the post I scheduled for today. Thanks for reading. Please share this site with anyone who might be interested in a rafting trip on my stream of conscious thought. The scenery is a little wacky at times, but it might be worth a laugh in the exploration of some I’m Possible thoughts. Your comments are welcome and wanted!


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