The I’m Possible Chef

I’ve been back to tracking my food with WW recently. It’s a points system that allows a body a certain amount of certain types of food. With WW’s new freestyle program, there are many zero point foods to choose from in case the allowable points are consumed before said body is done eating for the day.

Case in point(s). I have 23 points to use every day. Breakfast was a simple: collagen and cream with coffee for three.

Lunch was pointier. To the tune of the rest of my points plus a dip into weekly extra points.

It was rather delicious pork tenderloin, sweet and white potatoes, green beans, and a salad that included kalamata olives, peperoncini, parmesan cheese, romaine, and a dressing made of my own mayonnaise and fire cider vinegar (also homemade). I didn’t capture it with my phone, but maybe you can picture it.

So. Supper. I ended up assembling a new recipe from zero point foods. And then, because I posted it on WW Connect and got requests for the recipe, I decided to make a recipe blog and share the link. The I’m Possible Chef.

Click on over if you want to know more!

Here’s a glimpse:


A close shave, or remiss?

A close shave, or remiss?

It would be remiss of me to write of Sherlock Homes and not mention Gillette’s Castle. After all, it’s just about ten miles away from where I am write now. Continue reading “A close shave, or remiss?”

Unlocking the Mystery of Sugar Addiction Management.

Unlocking the Mystery of Sugar Addiction Management.

Titles are tricky. I’m not always sir what to write, but this is what I came up with when I sat down for a creative writing session instead of an eating session just now. You see the “eat” in creative? I find it more suited for my  sugar addiction management than actually eating. But I digress (not digest, which I would be doing if I were eating).

The distraction of writing is one of my keys to managing my sugar addiction. Case in point: I am writing this and not eating between meals. The not eating between meals is one of the sugar addiction management guidelines I follow (see Potatoes Not Prozac by K. DesMaisons, PhD).

Mysteriously, this morning, I was thinking of Sherlock Holmes, and then Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I was thinking of Sir Doyle because I looked up the line, “Elementary, my dear Watson” and found out that it wasn’t actually written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but by film writers at a later date.

I couldn’t write a blog post this morning because I was on my way to a luncheon with friends. But I did scribble a few notes for later reference. My lunch appointment was quite nice. I was able to navigate my food choices and track them reasonably on the WW phone app. This afternoon, I considered eating the leftover sandwich that I had brought home with me. I thought I was hungry and reasoned in my head that it would be a nutritious afternoon snack. But I drank water instead. That’s another key to my sugar addiction management. If it’s not mealtime and I think I’m hungry, drink some water or herb tea. It worked.

Back to my thoughts while driving this morning. Sure Author Corn and Oil. That’s pretty close to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle when you say it aloud. I think I qualify as a Sure Author. I published a book with the title The I’m Possible Journey. It’s about my journey of learning to live with sugar addiction. I’ve been learning and living it for quite a few years.  The Corn and Oil part of it might be a bit of a stretch until one considers my style of humor and my frequent mention of eating healthy oils. There’s a certain satisfaction associated with both: corny humor and healthy oils. I’d say they are also keys to my waist management.

So, Sherlock Holmes, what does this have to do with anything? Sure lock homes in on the mystery with a set of keys. What’s the rest of it?

Alimentary, my dear. What’s on (your plate)?

That, in a nut shell, or perhaps a nut case, is mystory solved.

What works for me (and may work for you) is writing my foods and moods. I pay attention to what I eat and how I feel.

In the past few months, I’ve not paid quite as much attention to these things and it has made a difference that I didn’t like. I started feeling locked out of feeling good. The keys were there, but I wasn’t using them effectively. A look at my book jogged my memory of what’s possible. I’m possible. And you are, too!

And now, it’s time for supper. I win!

PS. The clip art (1001freedownloads.comis supposed to be a magnifying glass. I think it could work as a frying pan, too.

Is it the most Wonder Full Time of the Year? Or, What’s your Number?

Is it the most Wonder Full Time of the Year? Or, What’s your Number?

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. If you’re battling sugar addiction, there may be some tips here that will help you. Sugar addiction is a real problem. But I’ve learned to live with it. Part of my strategy is to write. It works for me. And my thoughts may work for you!

January is, historically, the time of year to start a diet. Or maybe it’s a hysterical time to start a diet. Post hangover, whether it be sugar or alcohol or something else, a sense of hysteria sets in. Where did THAT number come from? It’s full scale drama that needs attention. NOW. Or, maybe, tomorrow. Continue reading “Is it the most Wonder Full Time of the Year? Or, What’s your Number?”

Looking Back.

Looking Back.

I’ve heard that hindsight is 20/20. As in: it’s pretty clear what should have been done had one just known what the future would hold. But then again, some decisions change the future and some things just happen.  It’s nice when corrections can be made when needed. Or just a little additional light on the matter. That’s pretty deep.

I just got my forward vision checked. 20/20 is clear, 20/15 is also clear. For that matter, I could read the 20/10 line with some effort. My 56 year old eyes are showing age in the near sight. If my arms were longer, I wouldn’t need glasses. It helps me to have good light and a little correction. That’s pretty deep, too.

But what I wanted to talk about here is 2011 and 2012. It might help you see something you’ve not quite seen before. (Or after, if you’re looking behind from ahead. Never mind.) Continue reading “Looking Back.”

Secret Code for a $5 discount!

Coupon Code for Amazon 
GIFTBOOK18 for books over $20. Try it out on The I’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction!

Well, I guess it’s not so much a secret. I noticed that had discounted my book to $18 earlier in the week. And then, today, I noticed they’d put the price back up to the publisher’s price. But, it qualifies for a $5 discount if you order the book and use the code GIFTBOOK18 before midnight on December 21, 2018!  

Just in case you were thinking you’d like to read a book that might help you understand the life of a sugar addict in recovery, here’s an opportunity! I do not claim to have a magic solution to cure sugar addiction. I’ve written about my experience. Ups and downs. Slip ups, recoveries, and more slip ups. There have been more recoveries than slip ups, though. And the overall trend is that I feel better. And I’ve lost (and not found again) over seventy five pounds since November 2011.

Part of my sugar addiction management strategy is to write. Like right now. I’m not eating before supper even though I’ve been feeling a bit like eating everything in the house since 3 this afternoon. I think the grazing urge is part of stopping my dairy intake again. For some reason, the sugars in milk and cheese seem to be triggering some cravings and addiction behaviors. I’d rather not eat dairy. It’s just not worth it to me. I am Maureen, not Moo-reen!

I use a light hearted approach to the weighty subject of sugar addiction and all that goes with it. I look at things from all angles. And if I think it will help, I look at it from the try-angle. Speaking of try, did you know that if you add some umph to it, you’re more likely to triumph? That goes along with the “just do it” slogan. Nike is the mythological goddess of victory (or try-umph).

Sugar addiction seems to be a more accepted idea than it used to be. It’s not a fad. It’s a thing. If you don’t have it, be thankful. If you do, there’s hope to get control over it. 

I’m typing this post in a new format. Hopefully, it’s readable. And hopefully, you’ll be able to easily navigate to a place to purchase The I’m Possible Journey (if you want to)!

Thanks for  checking in. Best wishes to you!