Happy Beethoven’s Birthday.

Happy Beethoven’s Birthday.

This post has nothing to do with my I’m Possible Journey other than the fact that writing helps me get through times when I might be tempted to graze through the afternoon. In that case, this has everything to do with my I’m Possible Journey.

The reason I know it’s Beethoven’s birthday is because it’s also my older sister’s birthday. She is an amazing piano player (I speak as her younger, less adept at playing the piano, sister) and she likes Beethoven.

I am pseudo celebrating by roasting beets in my oven. Beet-oven. Before I put the beets in the oven, I made some crackers from curiosity about what could be done with the new Weight Watchers zero points foods. Continue reading “Happy Beethoven’s Birthday.”



Weight Watchers has rolled our their new Freestyle Program. It reduces to zero the point values of many foods that used to “cost” several points. They are telling members they don’t have to count these items. They don’t have to measure them. They can just eat them.

That idea is a bit scary to the sugar addict in me. (Well, actually, I think the sugar addict in me was rejoicing Continue reading “Me-Style.”

Oh Foo-y.

Oh Foo-y.

Weight Watchers has come up with a new tweak to its tracking system and plan. Last year or the year before, it came up with a new plan that essentially pointed people to foods with less fat and less sugar. I’d been pointing myself to foods with less sugar since 2011, and I even told Weight Watchers about it. But when they asked me to share my story for their One Amazing Day event in 2013 they asked me to tone down the greatly reduced sugar part of the story because they didn’t want people thinking they had to deny themselves of anything. Continue reading “Oh Foo-y.”

Explosion in a Spaghetti Factory.

Explosion in a Spaghetti Factory.

This is a phrase a dearly departed friend of mine used to say when things seemed messed up beyond belief. And it might be the most apt description of some of my thoughts last week. (I didn’t get back to this post until a week or more later than I started it). I’m just going to add to it, though. Because I think it is telling.) Continue reading “Explosion in a Spaghetti Factory.”

Things I do Write.

Things I do Write.

Sometimes I feel in a downward trend

With addiction and its wiles

While all around me are things that are good,

Good, in spite of any trials.

My auto correct changed up “things” to “thanks”

And perhaps that is something that’s right.

Thankfulness growing within my heart

Crowds out a discouraging blight.


I could type, for better or verse,

Lots of things I’ve done wrong

And though I like the color blues

It’s not my favorite song.

Dwelling on the negative thoughts,

I feel myself starting to sink

When what I need is a positive feed

To write on my focus or think!

I was thinking about whining this morning. It doesn’t take much to change it into winning”

There’s no need for “whining”

Or sour grapes

When what I’d rather is win

I’ll knock the “h” down and switch it around

To “winning” right from begin!

I had a good day today. Among other good things, there was no grazing on my part. I was able to laugh when I drove by the sign for Mooween State Park on my way home from Rhode Island this afternoon. (Just in case you don’t see it, Moo-ween is awfully close to my name when I’ve been grazing like a cow. Moo-reen Maureen!) I took the back roads because I was driving the Miata. It felt right. Things are looking up when I drive the Miata. At least, I am–there’s nowhere else to look!