What are you electing?

I’m electing to eat healthy. It’s what I can control. I won’t be trapped and tightly wrapped around a cinnamon roll.

I’ve elected to take probiotics: it’s a feeling in my gut. I’m moving right along–with progress, not a but.

The opposite of progress has things all blocked and stopped. Would you think to call it congress? Things are better cleaned and mopped.

I’m not really talking politics– the tics and toxic of time. It’s just the thoughts that came to me and then came out in rhyme.

So on this big election day, I’ll exercise my suffrage right. And then, perhaps, I’ll take a run and hold my freedom tight.

My freedom from the wiles of sugar helps me be more stable. I can say a hearty “Nay.” I’m possible and I’m able!

I can serve my needs and help another know they’re possible, too. Outstanding in the Possible field, not grazing and saying, “Moo!”

Check out my book, The I’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction. It’s not history or herstory. It’s not a mystery, ┬áit’s mystory.

Encouraging me to continue to do what works for me. Encouraging you to find and do what works for you. Or perhaps it will be an encouragement towards understanding and compassion for an addict’s journey, wherever they might be right now.

Thanks for reading. What do you think?