Family Ties by a Shoestring.

When I was thinking about relatives and connections this morning, my title came to me. Perhaps it’s like on a budget? To budge it a bit more and go out on a limb, we’re relatively closer to some people than others. Even if they live far away.

I used to be intrigued (in-tree’d?) by the first, second, and third cousin thing. And the once, twice, three times removed and so on. If someone said it with authority, “Oh yes. He’s my third cousin, twice removed, on my paternal grandmother’s side,” I had a bit of awe going on.

But perhaps it can be carried away a bit. Like the time I met someone and said, “Oh! We’re almost related! Your brother was the best man at a wedding where my daughter was the flower girl!” Not my finest moment if someone was taking me seriously.

But seriously, I was amused by the thought. As was I by the thoughts that lead me to my title. As an aside, I think some people do title searches in their genealogy endeavors. Perhaps they duke it out in the fight for answers (or ancestors).

Where is this all going as it relates to The I’m Possible Journey Well, one of my husband’s second cousins was excited to hear about my book this week. Her son-in-law works in media. She thought maybe she could mention my projects to him and see if he knew of someone to contact for book promotion. It’s very nice of her to think of doing something like this.

I had considered tweeting at him and introducing myself as his wife’s second cousin once removed’s wife on her (his wife’s) maternal grandmother’s side, but that seemed relatively out there. And I wasn’t sure if I had the shoestring tied exactly right. I’ll wait and see what happens.

I think there’s a relatively reasonable connection here to the way I cook. I find it easy to jump tracks with recipes and words, making connections that might not seem related, but actually are (in my mind). Case in point: chickpeas. I found a recipe for Lemony Garbanzo Bean Cake years ago. From that recipe, I’ve made brownies, cupcakes, regular cakes, no sugar added cakes, pancakes, mock corn bread, casseroles, and semi-souffles. I almost have enough recipes for a Garbanzo Bean Cookbook. You could read through it quickly for a Chick Flip. (By Dizzy (not Disney)–all of the recipes involve a blender.)

Enough. This stream of consciousness has to end. Perhaps in the gene pool. (By the way, I looked up shoestring relatives and found a website that might be of interest:  It has free and low-cost links that might lead you to your near and distant relatives.)

In closing, I will say that this post did not involve eating anything with or without sugar.