Moving on.

I do not find encouragement

In a place of guilt.

I find it in some thankfulness

However the scale will tilt.


The number there is just a tool—

I’m so much more than that.

I’m thankful to know just what to do

If I’m skinny or if I feel fat!


When I pay attention to what I eat

And how my mind is feeling

I can take control over sugar’s blow

Instead of simply reeling.


Il track my moods and eat good foods

I am strong and will not wilt.

I move on from the scale.

Encouraged—not a fail.

Thankful–not filled with guilt!


I’m still working on this concept.

It has taken me many a year.

I’ve had some slips

And things pad my hips

That could cause me to shed a tear.


But I feel like I’ve turned a corner.

I’m finding more e’en to cheer.

This way to cope

Tends more to hope

Instead of to guilt and fear!


So Hip, hips away!

It’s Saturday!

I’m so glad to have a plan!

I’m going to do

My best (you can, too)!

With a thankful spirit, we can!


I’ve been working my tool of creative writing on the Weight Watchers Connect site. It’s not my favorite place to write. But I’m making it work for me. I’m in a mode (but I don’t have a code) of rhyming poetry.

Retirement is a huge change. It’s not bad. Parts of it are great. We’ve skied eleven times this season with our Max Passes. The weather looks favorable for more. And Maureen’s happy about that! The biggest help I’ve had with the changes of retirement is accepting that they don’t have to be figured out all at once. We’re exploring what works. And enjoying the ride most of the time.

My book talk went very well. I’ll like to do more of them, but I have to figure out how to drum up interest. There were seventeen people who showed up and were engaged in listening and asking questions. Perhaps I had the right ring about me.

I’ll write more when I can. The above poem is one that came to me when I was thinking about discouragement. I found it more helpful to think about encouragement and I’m thankful that happened!

My I’m Possible Journey continues. I am thankful for all the help along the way. Thanks for being here.


Book Talk.

Book Talk.

I’m giving a book talk about The I’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction. It’s tonight at 6:30 pm at the East Hampton Public Library in (where else would it be) East Hampton. It’s the library where I first found validation for my sugar addiction and hope to manage it (instead of it managing me).

I found it interesting that our local NPR station had an interview with the author of that book this afternoon. Kathleen DesMaisons, PhD, sent me an email (I’m on the mailing list, we’re not personal acquaintances) telling about the Colin McEnroe show and her appearance on it. I didn’t listen to it live, but I did figure out how to listen to the podcast of it later. Here’s the link if you’d like to listen to it, too. Sugar Show Podcast.

I’m not sure how many people will be at the talk tonight. I think there will be at least six. The librarian put on the flyers that I would be serving no sugar added treats. Perhaps that will be a draw. I have chocobanana seed crackers, apple spice cake, and almond macaroonish candies. All with no sugar added. My testers have approved. Will I see you there?

I did some practicing for my talk that included me recording myself reading a poem. I uploaded it to YouTube and it’s What about guilt?

I have my baked goods prepared. I have a stack of books and a pen to sign them should anyone want to buy a copy or two or three! I have before pictures and after pictures, but the big picture will be me in my healthy weight range managing my sugar addiction into a seventh year.

It wasn’t impossible. Because I found out what I could do and did it. I’m Possible. And you are, too!


Doing the Write Thing.

Doing the Write Thing.

I’ve been doing my writing on the Weight Watchers Connect site lately. It’s not my favorite place to write because it’s a bit awkward typing on my phone and there’s not much interaction with people. But then again….

Here’s something from this morning. I woke up in rhyming mode. Put on your life preserver. This is stream of consciousness rapid rafting. Or maybe it’s rapping. Continue reading “Doing the Write Thing.”

Oh Foo-y.

Oh Foo-y.

Weight Watchers has come up with a new tweak to its tracking system and plan. Last year or the year before, it came up with a new plan that essentially pointed people to foods with less fat and less sugar. I’d been pointing myself to foods with less sugar since 2011, and I even told Weight Watchers about it. But when they asked me to share my story for their One Amazing Day event in 2013 they asked me to tone down the greatly reduced sugar part of the story because they didn’t want people thinking they had to deny themselves of anything. Continue reading “Oh Foo-y.”

Colorado. Much ado.

Colorado. Much ado.

I’m visiting my daughter and son in law right now. They live on a ranch in Laramie, WY. It’s a great place to unplug and get recharged. They have extremely limited cell service and no wifi.

Today, however, we went to Ft. Collins, CO, via Walden and the rocky mountains. There was no cell service in the mountains, but my camera worked.

We’re on our way back to Laramie via Cheyenne, now. There’s enough service for me to type this aa a bit of therapy for my sugar addiction management.

When I was writing “Ready for Takeoff” yesterday, I was thinking about my tendency to lose weight when I’m on vacation. I had found some pounds during the summer while I was at home. Too many options, perhaps. Or not enough focus. Whatever it was, I’m ready for take off now.

Today I had a great breakfast that included a serving of Cream of the West and coconut oil.

I was on a Rocky Mountain high for a few hours as we took the long route to our destination.  Lunch was Mexican food.

Mid afternoon, we stopped at an ice cream and coffee shop. I ended up holding a coffee toffee cone for a minute or two, but had no interest in a taste. I enjoyed a decaf coffee. And that was that.

I’m still a bit amazed by my paradigm shift regarding sugar. But I realized today that it’s real. And on vacation, I’m settled about no eating between meals. That’s what works for me. I’m not willing to jeapordize feeling good for fueling poorly.

I’ll let this be all for now. We’re almost back to Wyoming. Oh wait! Another thought about taking off. When we got to the rental car lot yesterday, we found out we had been upgraded to a Jeep Wrangler. Today, we were taking off the top!




Whatcha June? Ate? (Written on 6/8/2017)

Whatcha June? Ate? (Written on 6/8/2017)

It’s one of those days. I was making my smoothie this morning. Fresh ginger. Fresh mint (picked from my back yard moments earlier). Frozen mango. Whey powder. Acacia Fiber. Chia (good chia). Baby spinach. Grapefruit seltzer. MCT oil (that’s Medium-chain triglyceride derived from coconut oil). As I poured the green goodness into my quart-sized canning jar, I thought it resembled a shamrock shake. Continue reading “Whatcha June? Ate? (Written on 6/8/2017)”



The solution to stressed is not desserts. it’s a backwards approach at best. Unless it is simply to back away without caving to the test. Turning to food like a numbing drug is not the answer I know. Give me a run or a paper and pun. ‘Tis a vent so I don’t have to blow. That imag’ry conjures the thought of a whale–the size I approached e’re I’m Possible tale. Ive used AAA to change my attire. From Michelin padded to thin as a wire*. With the Weight Watchers tools and some bright line rules. Awareness, Acceptance, Adapting. No fools.

Stress is a matter of fact part of life. It can’t be knocked out with a spoon fork or knife. Just dealt with: good choices for heart healthy life..

* poetic license. I’m not as thin as a wire, but I wear size small!

I wrote this post with a Weight Watchers prompt. It could seem like it’s all about prose. If you read with a beat, you might find it neat: an amateur poem’s how it goes.

I’m on my way to Denver and then to my daughter’s new home. Where she lives with her hubby, (neither is chubby) in the land where buffalo roam.

I’m leaving New England in winter clothes–landing in Laramie where it still snows.

I’m going to visit a week and a day. I hope to see deer and antelope play!

My plan is to eat three meals a day, drink lots of water, and see brand new hay. I’ll help paint some rooms, shovel some snow and look for spring’s blooms.

I’ll write and take pictures but don’t know if I’ll post. Wyoming’s cell service is scanter than most.

And now it’s time for airplane mode.  I have a 5 hour layover in Denver. Feel ftee to comment. I’ll respond!