Guernsey on my Journey.

I had a viewer from Guernsey, the isle of same name as  cow! I didn’t know the place at first, but then I thought, “Oh my, wow!”

The literary circles go far and wide and who knows what next will wash in with the tide.

Right now, the tide’s turned for my healing. I had breakfast with protein and stopped. I’ll have lunch pretty soon, along about noon, then my floor will be swept and mopped.

(No, I won’t eat my lunch off the floor! This rhyme has so much to score. It’s a crEATive outlet that’s getting me through until it’s time to eat more.)

The beautiful Guernsey cow. Prized for its milk and its cream. Efficiently grazing all the day long. The breed is a dairy man’s dream.

But grazing, for me, is a nightmare unless I can come to my senses to rein in addiction before it goes wild and demolishes all of defenses.

Whether grazing like horse or a cow. Or their porcine pal, the sow. I can’t afford to wallow and follow every swallow with the thought of more and more chow.

It isn’t really me, it’s the sugar in control. And I’ve documented it to the hilt. But in being this aware, I’ll accept this as my fair. I’ll adapt again and simply ditch the guilt.

My dear “old” pal  (who is younger than me) simply said, “It’s okay.” In a tone of voice, a deliberate choice, like a hug from a friend come what may.

It’s okay! Yes it is. She could be a kindred spirit. This Anne with an e–a dear friend to me–knew that I needed to hear it!

Some others reached out in the comments or messaged me only in private. The I’m Possible Journey continues–with my friends who help me to drive it!

So thanks to the viewer from Guernsey. And more from British Isles. To the folks in my native USA and others from further in miles. Thank you for reading my blog. E’en More as I struggle  (or maybe it’s muggle) to be me and come out of my fog!

And now, so it can’t be said of me, “She Saturday away!” I am going to finish this post and move on!



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