The Nerve.

I had a bit of a mishap involving my dominant arm.

A slip of the needle in a donation bleedle was cause for concern and alarm.

In the interest of healing and retaining my feeling, I have to give it a rest.

This post is left to my other side single-handedly doing its best.

Perhaps it’s okay. I’ll be fine come what May

And April is past (no more snow?)

I’ll be working my tools with my sugar addict rules

Inflammatory foods a no-no.

Give me turmeric, ginger, salmon and kale

Bok Choy, beets, and berries by the pail.

Mint leaves, cinnamon, garlic and onions

‘Twill help heal my nerves (but maybe not bunions).

A little dose of laughter, but not a Snickers bar,

I’m on my way to healthy and I hope it’s near not far.


6 thoughts on “The Nerve.

  1. Love your positive outlook and thinking….so encouraging and inspiring…all the best….good, and better health will come to all of us who keep trying!

    Liked by 1 person

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