What works for me.

Since learning to live with my sugar addiction, I’ve done some reading about what works for other people. I’ve connected with a few doctors and dietitians on twitter and lots of articles pop up. It’s all very interesting. Some of it confirms what I learned when I paid attention to how I felt after I ate. And some of it is confusing to me. I have to be careful to not mix up what works for me with what works for others. At least I have to be careful to notice how I’m feeling when I mix in new things that I haven’t yet proved to work for me. And when they don’t work, I need to keep them out of my mix.

I came up with a little rhyme at some point in my journey: There’s science and data and all kinds of facts, but the proof that helps me is in how I acts. I changed it up a little for a tweet one time. The proof that helps me is how I feel and acts. There’s a little poetic license there. I use it when it works for me, too!

The big deal that I’m working with right now is when I read articles that seem to trumpet: This is the only way to eat and feel good! Lots of fat and lots of protein. No meat. No grain. Less fruit. More veggies. Nuts. No dairy. No explain. Just do it and feel better. Eat often. Eat less. Fast. Slow. Medium. Gravy. Fortune cookies? Fortune tellers. Fortuna casseroles?

I write in a stream of consciousness sometimes, but when I eat with the flow of whatever pops up, I get into serious trouble with how I feel. I lose control. And start to drown in the thing that I can only describe as addictive behavior. I lose my impulse controls. My judgment is impaired. And I don’t feel like me.

Right now, I’m happy to be done eating for the day. I checked Facebook a few minutes ago and noticed one of my high school friends had posted a question. What do you refuse to eat? Her answer was liver. Mine is sugar. I also refuse to eat between meals. Most of the time. It works for me.

I’m happy to be able to type again without nerve pain. Part of what works for me is writing. And it was close to impossible for a few days. I’m happy to say I’m possible again. On the typing. And doing the other things that work for me!

Best wishes to you for knowing and doing what works for you!



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