Launching on Leap Day.

I’ve written my thoughts in poems and prose
Documenting feelings of triumphs and woes.
I’ve blogged my way from blobby to thin
Clearing my brain for an ongoing win.

I set out to conquer sugar
To start out my fifties free
I’ve shed lots of pounds and gained back my mind
I can face the future as me!

And now,
Because of try-umph and dare.
I have written a book
That I’d like to share!

The I’m Possible Journey!
You’re possible, too
Read it and find out
What you can do for you!

I got an email from my publisher on Friday evening. It congratulated me on completing my book and informed me that my book was live and available for purchase! Sure enough, my book is on Amazon! It doesn’t have a cover image posted yet, but you can see that here or on my new web page.


My book is ready to buy. And it’s still February! I’m officially launching it on leap day with a little time to spare!

Thank you for your interest! I’d love to know what you think of my book. Really.


One thought on “Launching on Leap Day.

  1. I am so so so excited and happy for you that this dream of yours to put on paper what it took you to get here and help others to accomplish the same for themselves has come to pass! Hope to get my copy TODAY! And I love your poem. It’s perfect!

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