Economics of Obesity. Scaling it back.

Economics of Obesity. Scaling it back.

I hate to think of how much I’ve paid
In my years of watching my weight
Go up and down and up again
A trend I tended to hate.

The cost of obesity
Weighted me down
As the scale went up
My smile went frown.

The bigger cost of opportunities lost
And health not far behind
Aches and pains
The weight explains
Stress eating isn’t kind.

Economics of a macro kind
Or maybe they’re like spaghetti
All tangled up in a twisted mess
With occasional tossed confetti.

I had some success with Weight Watchers
And Curves and the liquid fast
But the weight loss was always fleeting
I never could get it to last!

A book for a quarter broke the streak
It didn’t break my bank
But I had to pay attention
And then I started to crank.

Not cranky like a grouchy granny
Stuck in her chair on her very large fanny
But cranking away with the use of the tools
Making progress with sugar addict’s rules.

It wasn’t so much
Economies of scale
I tracked what I ate
Tooth and nail.

I weighed my food
And weighed myself
Blogged my thoughts
To a book on a shelf!

And now I’m serving food for thought
Instead of eating more launch
I’m leaping along my I’m Possible song
Not sitting on a haunch.

The I’m Possible Journey
Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction

You never know what, or who, you’ll find on Amazon!


4 thoughts on “Economics of Obesity. Scaling it back.

  1. Thanks for today’s blog….I am already enthused with your positive attitude… four and a half years ago I took myself in hand…and have followed a similar way of dealing with being “out of control”….will get your book through Amazon UK…live here now….thanks for the encouragement to be as healthy as possible. ML

    Liked by 1 person

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