Once Upon a Mouse.

This sounds a little like a Disney production, but it’s simply a response to a lovely blog post my author friend (I have more than one) wrote about me last week. If you have a chance, go meet Jena C. Henry.

Here we are togetherjenahenry

In the post, she used the word eponymous and suggested I might have fun with that word. No pressure. e-pony-mous? No, just a website with my name attached to it. Maureenaliprandi.com.

I am super busy right now. But I will write that I did not eat between meals today. I looked at stuff that I could have eaten. But I did not eat it. And I am glad. The writing is good reinforcement. And that’s what I need. Not eating between meals.

And now, I’m unplugging for the evening.

Good night moon. And speaking of that book, I think it could also be called Once upon a mouse. The mouse makes her way across the room in the book. My kids used to delight in finding it. We don’t know its name or how old it is  Perhaps it’s a nona mouse.



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