Re: New

Sometimes this blog feels like the same old, same old. And with a birthday a few days ago, it might seem like same older. But I see this place as new. New opportunities. New beginnings. Or new continuings.

I’ve proven that renewing my Awareness, Acceptance and Adapting, related to my sugar addiction, keeps my MAPS up to date. Motivated And Positively Sugarfree. It keeps me going in the right direction. I have a different kind of AAA for planning and emergency blowouts. I like to think it has changed my attire from extra, extra large to small and medium. (That’s an old joke, but I like to renew it in my mind from time to time.)

When I start to feel like maybe I’m not that sensitive to sugar; or I start thinking maybe I don’t really care how I feel after I eat; or I contemplate any other justification for not doing what works for me, that’s re: old. It’s how I was before I started my I’m Possible Journey. It was my impossible journey. Impossible to get out of bed without excruciating aches and pains. Impossible to keep my moods on a reasonable swing-set, rather it was like living with an unexpected bungee jump, or what I imagine a bungee jump might be like. It was nearly impossible for me to stop eating even when I was no longer hungry.  (Actually, I was rarely hungry because I was eating most of the time.)

I’ve had a few slips and slides in the past year as far as staying on course for what works for me. I can’t see those as disasters, though. I’ve been glad to have my book and my memory to remember that I can renew. It’s fine. And I can do that every day, even when the day before has been a good one. Because it’s re: new. Necessary Eating Works. It’s called fuel. No fools. When I go off track, I’m just fooling myself. When I’m on track, I’m fueling myself. And it feels good.

I’ve been writing in my head the past week. And today I’m writing here. Re: New.


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