Read or Weed.

This morning I wed. Or weeded. Right after I got home from my cardio class. I was already sweaty and it needed to be done. I didn’t eat while I was weeding. I could have eaten while reading. But I didn’t.  Last year was all about wedding (both of my daughters got married in November, two weeks and almost two thousand miles apart). But this year is weeding. In more ways than one. If it gets done, I won.

I’m pleased with the numbers associated with my marketing plan. I don’t know how to read them, but will weed through the numbers and let me know what ad diction worked and what didn’t. That’s after the campaign is over. I’m still voting for Frank at this juncture.

Those numbers could wait to be read, but the weeds couldn’t wait to be wed. Well, they probably would have liked to keep growing and multiplyin, and overtaking my garden bank. But I couldn’t wait to weed the weeds. We had a bunch of rain yesterday and they were easy to pull out by the roots. I felt like I was raining on the flower bed this morning, but it was salt water. Perhaps they enjoyed the feel of the beach. While I was weeding, I was tending to seed thoughts in my mind and heart. And they were good.

It reminded me of the Sunday after my dad’s funeral. My nephew shared a memory from his days with his grampy. Get the weeds when you see them. Even if they look too small to matter. They’re easiest to take care of then. Just a bit of effort will do it.

And now, because I have a lot of things to do, I will leave one last thought. It’s from a plaque I saw and bought a few months ago. Weed ’em and Reap.

Oh. Just a little more (e’en). If you’d like to read more about my dad and me, check out my book, The I’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction. It’s in memory of my dad. He was my biggest encourager in my book project. He didn’t live to see it in print. But he knew it was a success story and a best cellar foundation for continuing to stay in control of sugar. The book is mostly my thoughts and a musing or two. He read most of it in my blog before it was a book. I published it in memory of him. And if you knew him, you’ll enjoy his presence. If you didn’t know him, you may wish you had.

That’s all for now. Have a good day if you can!


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