Things are starting to gel.

Things are starting to gel.

As in the jam jammed, for one.

I went to my exercise class this morning. My new studio shoes are working quite well. I had noticed a bit of knee and hip pain creeping in, but new shoes seem to have taken care of that. I’ll be 55 next month, but I don’t think age has to do with it. The exercise class is choreographed to music and is led by an instructor. Occasionally, there’s a section of freestyle. Perhaps that’s also a jam session.

On my way home, I stopped at a grocery store and found a package of marked down habenero peppers and some long skinny hot peppers. Because I still had the jam making equipment out, it seemed like a good idea to have another jam session in my kitchen. The humidity is low today and we have opportunity to give some jars of jam away so why not? I decided to get some half pint jars as well as a couple of cans of crushed pineapple. I won’t be tasting this jam (other than inhaling some fumes possibly) but I have a memory of some amazing hot pepper fruit sauce that we tasted in Bermuda a couple of decades ago. I think this will be similar.

I’m still a little concerned about the jam making fumes. I wonder if that’s a concern for a recovering alcoholic who might have employment at a brewery. I’m on my AAA for Awareness, Accepting, and Adapting my way through this.

But back to jams. I suppose a jerk or a tug could help a person out of a jam. And speaking of jerk, I found some Bison meat on sale at the same store where I bought the hot peppers and jam jars. I’ve been looking for jerky without sugar added and it’s hard to find. I did find the Epic brand of jerky that has some varieties with no sugar added. But I was curious to know if I could make it in my kitchen.

Yesterday, I was at the library looking for something else when I found a cookbook about dehydrating foods. It has a section on making jerky with ground meat. And that’s what I’m doing right now. Well, I’m typing right now, but the first baking is happening at the same time. The meat gets processed with spices and other things (I used some green grapes instead of brown sugar) and then gets put in a jerky gun (which I don’t have or even know what one looks like). I put my meat mix in a ziplock bag and snipped one corner so I could extrude the meat onto a parchment lined cookie sheet. I then put a piece of plastic wrap over the lines of meat and gently patted the lines flat to a quarter inch or so. Plastic wrap off and into the oven it went. The timer is set for twenty minutes and I’m racing to get this typed.

As far as my I’m Possible Journey is going, it seems to be a little jammed right now. Not sugar jam. Or log jam. Maybe a bog jam. Getting bogged down in some feelings and circumstances. I can jerk out of them or boil them down a bit more (e’en). I’m thankful for a lot of things and it’s good to get unstuck from other things to recognize and appreciate the things I am thankful for.

I can smell the bison jerky. I think it’s time to get out of this stream of consciousness and see how it’s doing.

Stand by (son).

I’m back. I should have taken pictures. The jerky shrunk to about half the uncooked size. It’s now in a low oven for a few hours to dry out some more.20170629_153245.jpg

Part of this experiment is so I can have emergency food other than tuna, salmon, or chicken packs. I’m going into travel mode again and I think it will be quite nice to have theif I’m in a jam without good food options.



2 thoughts on “Things are starting to gel.

  1. Love beef jerky, so should be great with Bison meat. Love your blogs, very helpful and encouraging. Great to realize that you are HUMAN, with human feelings, temptations and desires. I look forward to your postings.

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