In a Jam.

In a Jam.

I had a request from my Wyoming daughter. She either wanted me to make hot pepper jam or tell her how to. She wanted to eat scallion and rice pancakes with hot pepper jam. But with no jam, she was in a bit of a jam. I don’t think she had scallions either. But that was easier fixed than the jam.

So what’s a mother to do? This mother made hot pepper jam yesterday. But it didn’t jam right. So I liberated it from the sealed jars and boiled down some more before jamming it into fresh jars with new lids and a boiling hot water bath.

I don’t know if it will gel on not. It doesn’t seem likely to look at it. I may need to rename it to sweet hot pepper sauce. Lots of sugar added. For two recipes, I used thirteen cups of sugar.

I have a headache today. Could be from a number of things, but I wondered if any of the fumes from the jam carried some sugar molecules into my system. I didn’t wear a mask.  I didn’t taste the jam, but I could smell it.

I feel like I’m in a bit of a jam today. Not hot pepper jam. Mind jam. Perhaps a little extra sleep tonight will help.


2 thoughts on “In a Jam.

    1. It jammed! Making more today because the store had gobs of habenaro and cherry bomb peppers for cheap! Today’s batch will have crushed pineapple in it. Want some?!


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