Comfort. A Peace of my Mind. Better than Fat Her’s Day. 

Comfort. A Peace of my Mind. Better than Fat Her’s Day. 

This morning I did a search for a phrase in my blog collection. I was was wondering if I had ever written a piece about Fat Her’s Day.  For some reason, this post showed up.

Source: Comfort. A Peace of my Mind.

Feel free to click the link and read it. Or just keep reading here. I’m not really sure why that one matched, but I’m glad it did. It helped me recognize that I have been numbing with food for a few days. It’s not comfort. It’s numbing. Just masking discomfort.

It feels like I am trying to take the apostrophe out of I’m Possible. And I’m putting a space in father. Changing a word that represents wonderful comfort and support to two words that have a less positive connotation. For me, it’s a self centered pity party. Fat her. (Disclaimer: this post is only referring to me. I am not making any statements about anyone else’s eating or weight styles. I write as a sugar/food addict in recovery. And that’s okay. This is my self-analysis for shrinking myself.)

As I was trying to come up with the wording before fat her, I considered the word “distasteful”. But that seemed more appropriate to describe not eating between meals. (That’s one of my tools for managing my sugar addiction.)

I think I must remember to dis a taste if it’s not a mealtime. I eat enough at meals to be full. Perfect! Distaste(I’m)full. I think it’s possible for this keyword to help me with my I’m Possible Journey.

Speaking of I’m Possible Journey, Amazon has raised the price of my paperback version, but the electronic version is still $3.99. I’m not sure how Amazon determines pricing. My (small) royalty isn’t affected by the pricing other than the fact that the higher price deters some people from buying it.

Perhaps it’s time for me to venture into public speaking and an option to sell books with my author’s discount.

Would you be interested in attending an I’m Possible event? Perhaps if it were in a “Lunch and Learn” format, I could serve some samples of my I’m Possible recipes from the not-quite-possible-yet cookbook I’m working on.

The picture is of the no sugar added, gluten free dessert I made for Father’s Day. (It would be dairy free if I left off the unsweetened whipped cream and used a coconut milk version.) It’s a variation on my chocobananabanzo cake. I added peanut flour, baked it in a flan pan and topped it with unsweetened vanilla whipped cream and freshly picked local strawberries. It was really good with dinner and the next morning at breakfast (high protein). But between meals, it’s distasteful.

I feel better. How are you?



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