Whatcha June? Ate? (Written on 6/8/2017)

Whatcha June? Ate? (Written on 6/8/2017)

It’s one of those days. I was making my smoothie this morning. Fresh ginger. Fresh mint (picked from my back yard moments earlier). Frozen mango. Whey powder. Acacia Fiber. Chia (good chia). Baby spinach. Grapefruit seltzer. MCT oil (that’s Medium-chain triglyceride derived from coconut oil). As I poured the green goodness into my quart-sized canning jar, I thought it resembled a shamrock shake.

Shamrock and quarts(ized) were too much for my mind. I didn’t notice the quartz reference until I wrote my first paragraph, but it fits with what popped into my head: If you had a shamrock, would you take it for granite? In doing my research, I found out that a quartz coutertop is engineered, whereas granite is the real deal from nature. So it was quite fitting that my shamrock smoothie went into my quartzised jar. Except, it didn’t quite fit until I drank a little bit.

To back up a little, I’ve been working with my niece on a marketing plan. She was going to write some ad copy for me, but in the end, she thought it would be better if my voice came through. (As in, write it yourself, auntie!) I got that email just before I went to bed last night. I went to sleep wondering about ad diction.

I deal with sugar addiction every day. If I don’t, it deals with me. And it’s lousy hand. As long as I am using some proven tools with some (also proven) rules, I can live with it. Quite nicely, I might add. But diction? Nary a single idea for ad copy has come to me this morning.

The date has me thinking I should really work on my cookbook today. Tomorrow will be nein. Zehn it will be closer to the middle of the month and I really am running out of things to be June.

Enough. I’m done playing with words for right now. I’ve had a good breakfast. (I ate.) I’ve taken my multivitamin. I’m going to iron some shirts that are depressed and then I’m going to go to my exercise class. This afternoon, I will be going on a hike with two of my friends. We may go to a place called split rock. It’s not a sham. But it is granite.

PS. If you want to read about how I learned to live with sugar addiction, my book is for sale. Search for: The I’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction. Or just click this link. Giving up sugar is not impossible. I found out I’m Possible without it. Hmmm.





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