Upside down Lemon Merango Pie.

Upside down Lemon Merango Pie.

This pie was inspired by a friend who asked for a low sugar pie recipe. I had a few thoughts about making a lemon merango pie with a regular flour crust, but I ditched those thoughts because processed flour is pretty close to sugar. At least in my book. So I went a little further in the crEATive pie department and wondered how an upside down meringue pie would work.

My thought was to use the leftover egg whites from my lemon mango curd recipe and make a plain meringue crust  (4 egg whites whipped with 1/8th tsp cream of tartar. Gently pressed into pie plate and baked at 275°F for one hour and left in the oven overnight):meringuecrust to fill with mango sweetened lemon curd. lemonmangocurdI acted on that thought and served the result at a potluck dinner on Sunday.  Potluck with friends means captive audience with options. No one would have to eat my pie, but it would be available. And I might get some feedback.

Except, the pie didn’t work the way I wanted it to. The pie sat too long in the fridge before I served it. The filling made the meringue soggy and almost inedible.  Some of the guests enjoyed the tartness of the filling and some weren’t so crazy about it. I may tweak this idea in the future, but for now, the upside down lemon merango pie gets a thumbs down. If I were to make it again, I would thicken the curd with another egg and I’d add the filling to the crust in the same breath that I served it.

(Sorry, Rhoda. This isn’t what you were looking for. I do have a recipe for a chocobanzo peanut butter pie. It’s sweetened with maple syrup and isn’t really a pie, but a cake baked in a flan pan with a peanut butter/coconut milk pudding topping. I’ll see what I can do to post that recipe….)

I have, in the past, made individual unsweetened meringues and served them with the lemon mango curd and Greek yogurt garnished with fresh mint. The meringue is still crisp. The curd is tart. The Greek yogurt, although plain, tempers the lemon and makes it seem a little sweeter. I think it tastes great. And it’s rather snazzy looking: lemonmerango

Does anyone want the curd recipe? It’s dairy free, gluten free, and no sugar added.



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