Mot I’ve ate. Or Motivate.

Mot I’ve ate. Or Motivate.

She who hesitates contracts
A pause trophy can win
Instead of eating up her words
And heading out of thin.
(Impossible turns to I’m Possible
And that’s the start of begin.)

What motivates a mouth to eat
A feeling into numb.
Instead of speaking thoughts to heal
The mouth instead is dumb.

Silent stuffing thoughts inside
Feelings raw that try to hide
Behind a shelf of fearsome pride
That falters e’re it even tried
To ask for help.

But now, not grazing like a cow
Working through the thoughts and how
There’s hope.
An anchor, with a rope.
I will get through and I will cope.

The motivation of good health
And feeling quite alive
Will take a bit of rest and run
And fuel to make me thrive.

The setbacks that I seem to face
With shame, perhaps abject disgrace
Are part of this old human race
Of which I’m more than a little trace.

It’s not the end of I’m Possible, no!
I’ve not given up in a tale of woe.
I’m Aware. I Accept. I’ll Adapt again.
I’ll type, or write it with paper and pen.
Here and now, or where and when.

A pause trophy. A second thought.
Of what I’ll gain if I do what I ought:
I’m Possible when I use my tools
Logging and blogging with customized rules.

The past is to learn from, not drag me down.
I’ll go forward with a smile, not a sad mouthed frown!
I’ve things to be thankful for, more e’en than most.
(I don’t eat bread, so there’s no burnt toast!)

I had a lovely visit with my daughter and son-in-law in Laramie, Wyoming. I had good visits, good food, good activities (including priming and painting 5 rooms whilst a snowstorm raged outside), beautiful scenery and more. Last week I got home to a loss on the scale.

The next day, I was on the road again. Out and back in a day. And the next day was another trip that involved overnight to Massachusetts to see family and more family (including grandchildren) from Missouri and Maine and New York. It was good.

Somewhere along the line I started feeling tired. And I came a bit unwired. I was actually unplugged in Wyoming. No wi-fi where I was staying and unreliable cell service. That was fine. But the unwired, falling apart feeling wasn’t so fine.

I’m working on getting more rest. Taking more time to face the test. Paying attention and finding the zest. To live healthy and free is part of my quest.

Free from the aches and pains of poor choices. Free from the pressures of nay-sayer voices. Reaching for what I can’t be on my own with a pause trophy placed where the possible’s sown. I’m possible when I find I’m not lost, but taking the time to weigh up the cost.

This morning, I had my breakfast and went for a walk with a friend on an old railway trail. I came home with a niggling thought of having a snack, but I sat down and wrote myself staying on track. There’s no need for me to eat my word. Mot I’ve Ate: French fried for eating absurd. The pause trophy there is an I don’t care. Not the trophy I’d like for here or there. My pause trophy contract is just I am. I’m possible when I stick with my plan!

I think I’ve motivated me, along with myself, and I. Have I motivated you to get back in and try?






3 thoughts on “Mot I’ve ate. Or Motivate.

  1. I am motivated to get back on track. I just returned from twelve days in Florida with my family, special meals, eating out and snacking, and just know now I am back home in the UK, that I need to be much more careful what I put into my mouth. Thanks for sharing your stories and experiences…they help me a lot.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I find it easier to stay on track when I’m traveling. I’m not sure why I struggle more at home. But I continue to work at it (and sometimes write a poem!). Best wishes!

      Liked by 1 person

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