The solution to stressed is not desserts.
That’s a backwards approach at best.
Unless it is simply to back away
Without caving to the test.

Turning to food like a numbing drug
Is not the answer I know.
Give me a run or a paper and pun.
‘Tis a vent so I don’t have to blow.

That imag’ry conjures the thought of a whale
(The size I approached e’re I’m Possible tale).
I’ve used AAA to change my attire
From Michelin-padded to thin as a wire*.

With the Weight Watchers tools and some bright line rules.
Awareness, Acceptance, Adapting. No fools.

Stress is a matter of fact part of life.
It can’t be knocked out with a spoon fork or knife.
Just dealt with: good choices for heart healthy life…

I wrote this post with a Weight Watchers prompt. It could seem like it’s all about prose. If you read with a beat, you might find it neat: an amateur poem’s how it goes.
I’m on my way to Denver and then to my daughter’s new home. Where she lives with her hubby, (neither is chubby) in the land where buffalo roam.
I’m leaving New England in winter clothes–landing in Laramie where it still snows.
I’m going to visit a week and a day. I hope to see deer and antelope play!
My plan is to eat three meals a day, drink lots of water, and see brand new hay. I’ll help paint some rooms, shovel some snow and look for spring’s blooms.
I’ll write and take pictures but don’t know if I’ll post. Wyoming’s cell service is scanter than most.
And now it’s time for airplane mode. I have a 5 hour layover in Denver. Feel ftee to comment. I’ll respond!
Edit on August 1, 2017: I’ve grouped the top part as a poem. It seems easier to read now I’m home. I had a great time in Wyoming. My daughter and I primed and painted five rooms of her house during a weather event that dropped two feet of snow outside. I’m looking forward to a return trip that probably won’t involve snow or painting.




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