Chick chick chiladas.

Chick chick chiladas.

I thought about making enchiladas on Wednesday. I didn’t have tortillas but I wasn’t too chicken to try to make some with chickpeas.

I decided to make a thinned chickpea batter with a can of chickpeas, 4 eggs, a teaspoon of salt and about a half cup of water. The idea was to make pseudo crepes and use them instead of tortillas. I got a ceramic coated frying pan heated up and poured about a quarter of a cup of batter in and swirled it around to thinly coat the bottom of the pan. Then I let them cook until the top was bubbled and dry. Then I flipped the pan upsidedown to let the crepe fall flat onto a dish. By the 6 or 7th try. I wasn’t fowling them up too much.

I think I ended up with three pancakes that resembled crepes. I  filled the nice ones with a mixture of cooked chopped chicken breast, Greek yogurt, hot salsa, cheese and chopped green chilies. The rest I layered like lasagna. With more salsa and shredded cheddar cheese.

When our niece arrived, we had supper. I was thinking I could call it scrambled enchiladas, but she came up with the recipe name of chick chick chiladas. We laughed because it was like old Macdonald’s farm with everywhere a chick chick. At least in my kitchen that’s how it is.20170503_181943.jpg

It was fun to laugh together, but it was also fun to eat together and find out that this new twist on enchiladas tasted good, too!


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