This is pronounced chick pizza. And you could eat it on a piazza if you has one. I call it chickpeazza because I made the crust from my chick flip (as opposed to flap jacks) recipe wirh a few modifications.

I  wanted pizza for supper tonight,  but I haven’t been eating flour lately because it’s too much like sugar for me.

So I improvised. With a can of chickpeas, some eggs, a little olive oil, salt and baking powder. Oh yes. I added 1 tablespoon of oregano to the batter which was pureed on high in my trusty Oster blender.

I greased my large pizza pan, poured the batter in and let it bake at 425 F for about 15 minutes. I gently loosend the crust from the bottom of the pan with a large pancake turner and left the baked crust in the pan. Then I added some spaghetti sauce that didn’t have added sugar, basil flakes, and mozzarella cheese. On half of the peazza, I used sliced onions, garlic and spinach. On the other half, I used bacon, pepperoni, hot sausage crumbles and garlic. I topped the whole pie with shedded parmesan and baked it for about 10 more minutes.

It wasn’t really pizza, but I could eat it like pizza. The toppings tasted like pizza. It worked for me. And my husband. And our college student niece.

I’ll probably make it again.

In other news, I am really pleased with the boost I’ve gotten from watching and reading the work of Susan Pierce Thompson, PhD.  I feel a renewed commitment to what works for me. Three meals a day. No grazing. A multivitamin, No sugar. No flour. She calls it bright line eating. I call it I’m Possible.


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