Science and Data and All kinds of Facts.

My book doesn’t have a lot of science in it. It doesn’t include double blind studies. (My eyes were wide open.) There are no eating plans. There really aren’t any explanations of why anything I do works. It’s just a record of my journey of paying attention to what I ate and how I felt as I was learning to gain control over my sugar addiction. It’s a record what happened after I bought a book that clued me into sugar sensitivity. I bought the book for a quarter. I changed my paradigm with my five senses.  It’s what I did and how I felt while I lost over seventy five pounds, and why I want to stay on my journey. It’s my do-it. Not a diet.

If you Google, “There’s science and data and all kinds of facts, but the proof that helps me is in how I acts.” you’ll get some links to some things that I’ve written. The science and data I was referring to was a bit confusing in the mix of all the other stuff that’s out there about diet and nutrition. I’ve faltered a few times with some of the information getting in between what I’d proven to work for me in sugar addiction management and my reality. Slip ups. And trying to get back on the wagon. Because how I was feeling and acting was proving that sugar was regaining control.

Recently, someone told me about a book that she thought might interest me. Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin & Free by Susan Pierce Thompson, PhD. I decided to purchase the book because it had to do with sugar addiction and changing the brain. I got the book yesterday and started reading. Midway through the book, there was an online quiz to take regarding susceptibility to addiction. ( After I took the quiz), I got an email letting me know my score (10/10) and inviting me to watch some free videos.

I just finished watching the videos (it takes a bit of time, but it didn’t take all of the rest of yesterday and a big part of today).. I also just finished a bunch of ironing. I’m thrilled to have done them at the same time! But the bigger thrill is that these videos, and the part of the book that I’ve read, have felt like scientific validation of what I discovered for myself in my I’m Possible Journey. It makes sense to me. And it’s what I needed as a boost to keep on working with the tools that work for me.

I’m not planning to sign up for the boot camp she offers, but it might be a good opportunity for someone else. Although I promote Weight Watchers in my book, (it’s what I used to track my food and explore my thoughts with others in the blogging community. I customized their tools to work for me and that was what made the difference for my success.) I do not think it is the only way for people to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. In fact, I tense up a bit when people get all dogmatic about specific one size fits all eating plans.

I do, however, think that Dr. Thompson has some very good information. I highly recommend watching the bright line videos for the information she presents. I think I’ll recommend the book, too. And if you’re looking for some encouragement and motivational stuff about making changes so you’ll be healthier, give my book a try!

And thanks for reading my blog!





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