Metrics. A Play about Words.

I wish I’d learned metrics in high school

Back a long time ago

But I cherished the inches and ounces

And for metrics, there’s not much to show.

But that’s ok in my book

Or rather, I’ll just say it’s K.

I found a couple of Me Tricks

To keep sugar’s wiles at bay.

What I thought was impossible:

Changing my paradigm

Really became I’m Possible

In prose and also in rhyme.

The things that I found were so helpful

In turning my journey around

Potatoes Not Prozac and Weight Watchers tools

Helped me lose many a pound.

The weight was a serious matter

But more so the change in my mind

I learned that I can be in control

So sugar won’t rob my health blind.

Since learning to use my addiction help rules

I’ve blogged and written a book.

I use it to help me stay on track

And have shared it for all to look.

Now I have new kinds of metrics

Statistics and numbers to muse.

If I were a marketing expert

I’d know what key words to use.

I’ve had readers from forty six countries

And sales rank as high as nine thousand.

That, in light of eight million books,

Is a feat that’s worth some applause-hand.

I’ve had a lot of help from friends.

Some I’ve known forever

And then there are friends I’ve only just met

Because of my book endeavor.

I’m going to switch to prose here, even though my writing attempts may seem amateur at times! (Especially when I rhymes!)

I was on a Midwestern road trip last week and had the time and opportunity to meet a fellow iUniverse author on Thursday morning. I had been pointed to her wordpress website by my marketing consultant back at the end of 2015. I read her blog and commented on it. I knew from experience that I liked to get encouraging comments and I felt inclined to leave a positive comment for her. The rest is history. Or, perhaps,  ourstory. Here’s a picture from our meeting. jenahenry

Jena C. Henry is a delightful person on line, in book, and in person! We had a half hour of chatting over Constant Comment tea. So much to talk about and not so much time! I am glad it worked out for us to meet in person. She wrote one of the blurbs on the back cover of my book. And she has been a big supporter of my blog. I’ve enjoyed her books and her wonderful enthusiasm for learning and sharing in her blog posts. She has encouraged me with social media, especially twitter.

I find it amusing that I’m officially in my empty nest phase (all three children have moved out and married) and I’m learning how to tweet. Twitter doesn’t always make sense to me, but that’s okay. Or “K”. I’m learning some me tricks in twitter. I’m learning how to make it work for me. I don’t have thousands of followers. I don’t quite get the use of hashtags and @’s. But I’ve had some great conversations with a few people.

I’ve tapped into some great articles by experts in the field of sugar addiction and recovery. I’d never heard of Dr. Asseem Malhotra or Tim Noakes or Karen Thomson (to name three). But I’ve tweeted and retweeted with them since discovering them. There are some crazies in the world of twitter, but there are also some really good networks of information. And then there are some really good networks for writing and encouragement. @TheWritingReader and @DonnaStuffMore are two of them along with @jenabooks.

Back to me tricks. There’s nothing magic about it. I’ve learned that writing helps me manage sugar addiction. Writing here has helped me get through a morning that might have included grazing through my kitchen. It’s a rainy day. I’m tired. I struggled with re-entry when I got back from my road trip. Part of it started with a bag of kale and spinach tortilla chips that extended a supper and a lunch a hundred miles or more as I traveled through Indiana and Ohio.

The Connect hashtag on the Weight Watcher site this morning was #backontrack. I amused myself with some thoughts about that.

I find it very helpful
in the thought of #backontrack
to turn around and face the facts
to lead affront attack.
On second thought, #backontrack, is really rather scary
Just imagine that train of thought–a situation hairy.
I’ll trot out my slogan and leave it at this. Weight Watchers works, it’s a good train of thought. Track what you chew-chew and do what you ought! With logic like this, it’s hard not to miss. Back and front are completely in the game. Full steam ahead. No need to carry blame!

That’s probably more (e’en) than enough for now.

I’ll stop my writing and start to plow

Through this Monday for Wonday

I’ll go for the win

With the right attitude

Right from begin.

Act Won.


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