via Daily Prompt: Ruminate

I saw a prompt to ruminate and thought about my lunch

Was it good or was it baaa’d to rue mine ate a bunch?

My lunch was good, I’ll bring that up

And not eat more till it’s time to sup.

My mind is churning all the time. I twist the words to make them rhyme

And sometimes spit out a poem.

Then sheepishly, or like a goat, I chew my cud and try by wrote

To bring my focus home.

Today I’m writing out my thoughts

And working through addiction

My words are few and before I chew

I’ll call it my pre-diction.

Oh deer, I’ve tried to buffalo my way through this word and its elk.

I moose reindeer it in with a big g(ir)affe and forget about the whelk.

Animals that ruminate tend to like to graze

Their stomachs well ahead of the probiotic craze.

Ruminating has its place. I know it helps me see

I don’t really want to be Moo-reen. I’d rather instead be me.

Sugar addict ruminations on a word prompt.



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