20170214_145612.jpgI just got back from a week long vacation to the Pacific Northwest. My husband and I flew into Seattle and spent the weekend with a few relatives before we flew east to Spokane and then drove further northeast to Schweitzer Mountain. We were on a ski trip to the west because the snow wasn’t great in New England.

Our flight out of Boston was delayed a couple of hours because it was snowing. And it kept snowing in New England. The whole time we were gone. Meanwhile (and it did seem a little mean, but we didn’t take it personally), it rained and rained and rained at Schweitzer Mountain. We did have one perfectly wonderful bluebird day logging 20,000 vertical feet of skiing. No, we didn’t cut logs, we skied and skied and skied. And then the skies started falling.

We didn’t fall. The rain fell. The second day of skiing was a bit damp. But we had some good runs (on our skis) before we traded them in for our bathing suits and a run to the outdoor hot tub. Wednesday night, we went off mountain to the village of Sandpoint, Idaho. I think it would be a lovely place to visit in dry weather. We had supper and then went to a meeting with some friends we hadn’t met yet. (Long story, but a good one.)

Thursday morning, we decided to not even try to ski. It was pouring rain with a few snowflakes thrown in for a little hope. But we didn’t trust the forecast that was calling for two hours of straight snow in the middle of the day followed by more rain. We left after breakfast and decided to swing by the town where I first went to college 36 years ago.

We drove south, through Idaho and took a right when we got to Moscow. A few miles west of that and we were in Pullman, Washington. The home of Washington State University. We enjoyed burgers at the Cougar Country Drive-In, and then visited some folks I knew when I was there for school. It was fun to take a trip down memory lane. But it was also sobering to realize a lot of the reason for me not staying there to finish even one semester, was related to sugar addiction.

I vividly remember a lack of impulse control regarding food, especially sugar. I know there were other factors involved, but I wonder if I had known back then what I know now, if things would have been different.

I’m not bemoaning this. There is no point to exploring the what ifs. My life is good and I cannot despise what has led me to where I am now. The present is lovely. The future looks bright. I mentioned this thought as a little insight.

I was happy to show my husband the amazing hills of the Palouse as we made our way back to Spokane to catch our flight home. We checked out the lobby of the Davenport Hotel-a 1918 heyday preserved in its magnificence. And then we enjoyed a Northwest Inland dinner with elk meatballs and grilled salmon at a less swanky place near the airport.

Since returning home, I’ve continued with my plan of three meals a day and no grazing. I didn’t track my food on vacation (it was usually served up without any need to track it down). My justification was justavacation and it produced a five pound loss. I’ll take it.

Historically, and somewhat hysterically, I lose control of my eating after vacation. But I’ve been hanging on and feeling good about my choices since returning to normal. Perhaps I’m enjoying the ride so much that I don’t feel like falling off the wagon.

I do think reconnecting with some of my former blogging buddies has helped. I also think my acceptance of what Weight Watchers Connect can and cannot do has been a good thing, too.

A Weight Watchers leader shared my Facebook page with her group and I’ve seen a bump up in book sales. What a thrill to be in the 100,000’s out of over 8,000,000 titles on Amazon! Even more reason to keep doing what works for me!

I’ll let this be all for now. Well, I might try to post some pictures. You’ll know if I was successful!


6 thoughts on “Justavacation.

  1. Congratulations on the book sales, but even more, congratulations once again on all you have learned. You may not have stayed at that particular university, but you have at least a masters degree in understanding of what works for you. The fact that you have shared it so freely makes you the professor of your journey!

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  2. And I am so glad you have found your way to the WW Friends page! How did that happen? I could never find you on the face, but now that we are on that same page you page shows up when I search. It never did before. I’m so glad we are finally in the same space and connecting just a big more.

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  3. Beautiful photos! So funny- you may not be laughing- that you flew to the west coast to find snow and it was snowing at home. Reminds me of the rainy winter we had about 10 years ago. There was finally enough snow- so after waiting months for the ski place to open, I dropped off my son at our local slope and he broke his collar bone the first 15 minutes. Back to now. So I tweeted this a few day ago but I am finally hearing you about the grazing. I haven’t grazed in 4 weeks. Started on vacation for me- we didn’t have any snacks or extra food around so I didn’t eat between meals and I read some of your posts and thought- it makes sense not to graze. So thanks Maureen and congrats on the book sales. I am going to reread your book.

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  4. Maureen, I’m really enjoying your blog! It was fun to see your photos and read about your trip to Schweitzer Mountain, Washington and the Palouse. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop and see us! Though you were at WSU a short time, we remember you so very well because we loved you so much and were impressed with your spirit. Some students are here for years, then leave, and we don’t remember them well at all. But you were an outstanding and inspirational young woman coming all the way across the USA to go to university. We didn’t know about your struggles. We only saw your successes. I’m going to buy your book. Love your heart-shaped folded book!

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