Flying thoughts

Flying thoughts

I’m loving the Boston accent in the city of my birth. I’m buckled in and happy with my healthy smaller girth. (Flying in an airplane to Seattle, not to Perth.)

I once wrote about Australia and their airport, NSV, and I think about it often and how it works for me!

The Non Scale Victories and way-beyond-the-scale, are what has really helped reduce me to small from large sized whale.

I simply cannot diet. It doesn’t work for me. I use WW tools and sugar addict’s rules for my own I’m Possible Journey!

The rhythm might be a little off, but there’s reason to my rhyme. I’m in control and feeling droll with my healthy paradigm!

I process my thoughts and Connect with friends. It works for me even if isn’t in the trends.

I keep my meals to three a day. From snacks and grazing stay away.

It matters not what others eat. I can bake and cook with ease. I do not want what comes with sugar. I choose my healthy, please.

PS. With the remembered encouragement of my now deceased dad, I published a book last year: The I’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction.

My dad was a lifetime WW and one of my best supporters when I started losing weight and changing my mind. I’m happy to say that I continue my journey with wonderful memories of his support, and wonderful support of new friends along my journey.

I’m learning to use Weight Watchers Connect as one of my tools. I’ve accepted it is not the same as the blogging community it replaced. I’m adapting and making it work for me. And that is a super huge NSV!

Since my book came out, I have used it as encouragement and support for my continued journey living with sugar addiction. I have struggled with control at times, but I would have to say that the overall effect has been good.

I appreciate all the folks who have purchased The I’m Possible Journey and those who have written reviews. To all who read this blog, thank you. Whether you comment or not. (But I do like comments! )

I was thrilled this week to see that folks from the US, Mexico, Switzerland, Romania, and Great Britain viewed my blog posts. Over the course of the past year, over 30 counties have popped up in my wordpress map. I hope I’ve brought some cheer, and perhaps a little hope. And best wishes.



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