Humpty Dumpty?

When defense is offensive and my back is up–on a wall. I think it’s safe to say that I’m poised for a great fall. Hump Day or Down in the Dumps Day, it matters not at all.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men. Do nothing to put me together again  it’s Awareness, Acceptance, and trying to Adapt. That turns me to a winner and leaves addiction slapped.

I am thankful to have had two good days in a row. I’m working on the third one and thought I’d let it show.

In explanation of the defense being offensive, I realized I was making excuses to myself (or maybe it was sugar making excuses) in defense of some poor choices I had made and seemed to be continuing to make. The offensiveness was aches, pains, muddled thinking, and feeling down that comes as a consequence of not using the tools that work for my best interest! In the processing of this, I’m pretty sure there aren’t any raisins for me to eat dried fruit. It wakes up my addiction and tends to make me uncomfortable.

Today I did some driving–about 250 miles. The return trip had potential for a justification that eating would help me stay awake and alert. But instead of snacking, I pulled into a rest area and took a nap for 10 minutes. Following that, I took a brisk walk to the rest room. Rested and comfortable again, I continued my trip. But I didn’t trip on food! I was aiming to get to the Jazzercise class on my way home and I made it with two minutes to spare.

I’m feeling like I’m put back together again!








2 thoughts on “Humpty Dumpty?

  1. Way to go, Maureen! Three days in a row is back in the saddle again! And nice move on the trip. My dinner tonight was on the road and too loo in protein and too high in carbs, popcorn. I have a plan for tomorrow so I don’t start the slippery slope dance.

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    1. Three days in a row IS back in the saddle again! You know what I mean and what happens then! I’m riding along with my faithful steed–instead of drowning with sugar’s need! This gal, up, is thrilled, but I’m not taking chances. I’m sticking with truth, which needs no enhances. Reality is that I simply feel best when I stick with my plan in snooth sailing or test! Best wishes to you! And thanks for the comment!


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