Newtons. And relativity. Seed thoughts.

Newtons. And relativity. Seed thoughts.

When I thought about writing this blog post, I figured I should do a little research about newtons. After all, I researched ions yesterday. This blog is serious to me.

I Googled fig newtons and found an article published by the Huffington Post last year. Here’s a link to it if you’re interested. I’ll take a moment to tell you I don’t know much about the Huffington Post. It makes me think of the three little pigs, but that’s just how my mind works. It’s not because they are related or not. I hope that doesn’t get anyone in a huff.

Back to the fig newtons. I was amused at the thought of a continued thread of physics (newtons). But that is really a stretch, I think. If you clicked on the link to the above referenced article and found your way back to my blog post, welcome back. You now know that fig newtons are just newtons. If anyone gives a fig, here’s another reference link.

Yesterday afternoon, I had the munchies pretty bad. It’s part of reclaiming control of my sugar addiction. I stayed with my plan of drinking water and writing instead of eating. But then I decided I needed to get out of the house and go get bananas because we were out of them. A different destination might have been a more helpful option given that I was trying to stay away from eating food. But I went to the store.

I got the bananas and started roaming the aisles. I picked up some beef bones to make bone broth. I found some dates to make no sugar added biscotti and then I remembered that flour is an issue for me (as if the dates weren’t!), so I put the dates back. (That was a huge thing for me to do. I win!)

I like to look for bargains when I’m shopping. And usually I find them. Sometimes I remember the wisdom of an old friend who told me, “If you don’t really need something, it’s not a bargain no matter how much it’s marked down.” I think I need to remember it this way, “If something will tend to hurt me and make my life difficult, it’s not a bargain.” Dates are in that category. But I don’t always remember. Or care enough.

I found some packages of dried figs and apricots. They were super discounted. I bought them with the idea of making them into seed crackers. When I was a travelling MOB last November, I packed seed crackers to go with my emergency food stash. As long as I only ate them at mealtimes, they worked nicely for me. (I was starting to type, “they are a nice addition” and I saw I had typed “a nice addiction” by mistake. Or maybe it was a little wake up warning that I need to be careful with these crackers!)

Speaking of waking up, this morning I had breakfast in my coffee. Unsweetened whey protein powder and peanut butter flour with a little vanilla extract and MCT oil (derived from coconut oil). It sounds a little strange, but it was actually very enjoyable. It got me through a heavy duty exercise class and a 20 minute walkie talkie with a friend (treadmill/phone call). I didn’t feel inclined to sample ingredients while I was making my seed crackers. I’m thinking I will make it to lunch time without going on a prowl to wistfully look at food. (Strawberry & blueberry seltzer is helping, along with writing this post.)

It’s probably time to talk about newtons. Not the physics kind, the fig kind. My crackers, by virtue of the figs, are related to the newtons. They’re also related to the Just the Flax crackers that I made a few months ago. I won’t go any further with my thoughts on relativity. I’ll just give you a statement about my crackers.

Not just the flax, sesame. I give a fig for some good chia!

And there, you pretty much have the recipe for my latest version of seed crackers. Let me know if you want to see(d) the rest of the details.







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