Giving and Getting

‘Tis the season for. Actually, I think I prefer the “for” in the title. Twice . Forgiving and Forgetting. Food for thought. I’m digesting this one.

In other thinking, I considered the power of suggestions and when they lead to ingestions. There’s more thinking to be done with this thought. Especially since suggestion starts the same way as sugar.

I haven’t ingested sugar outright. That would be in wrong for me. I have dreamed of it though. I dreamed a dream of putting candy in my mouth. A child had made it and given me some. I dreamed I was chewing it. And then racing to spit it out, Thankful that I hadn’t swallowed. In my dream.

This morning I feel like I need help on so many levels. I’m also feeling like I have a lot to be thankful for. I think that’s an elevator going up. Forgiving and Forgetting. And also remembering the thankful stuff.


4 thoughts on “Giving and Getting

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has dreams where they’re about to eat something they shouldn’t. Thankfully a voice always pipes up before I eat anything. It’d be nice to have a break once in a while, I’d say a man can dream, but apparently I can’t.


    1. I think I found it reassuring that I was aware of my sugar addiction in my dreams. It helps me think that my acceptance is going deeper.
      I flirt with the disaster of hitting the caster (sugar) and making a Wellington Square. I could make them and take them to somebody else but to eat then I just wouldn’t dare. I imagine what they taste like and how they feel to my teeth but I will not deign to eat it. I count that simply beneath. Because it sends me over the top to a high that descends to the depths that I also can imagine well since I’ve done it with many rep(th)s. Hmm. I seem to have written a little more (e’en) in this comment! Best wishes to you!

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