There are periods of time I have questions. They mark some curious quest. I, on one hand, can pause and consider but to ask is prob’ly the best.

Do you like the frequency of my posts? Do you groan or laugh when I pun? Do you hurry to click on connecting links? Or do you duck and run?

Do you wish I would post more pictures? Or would you rather just word after word? Would you watch me in a video clip? Is that going beyond absurd?

There’s a part of me that wants to know and a part of me feeling dismayed. (It’s December, remember, not May or September.) Am I playing this right? Or afraid.

I’m knot a frayed. The weddings are over. I’m onto the next phase of life. Bring me utensils. A knife, fork, and pencils. I’m an author, a cook, and a wife!

Sometimes the rhyme is the reason. But that’s what I am for this season. Spicing it right with the clothes not too tight. To give sugar control would be treason.

I always remember sugar. To forget is a grave mistake. Awareness, Acceptance, Adapting. Help me be real and not fake.

I do what I do to help me get through. It’s simply what works well for me. I share my thoughts, in rhymes or nots, for anyone to see.

I’ve been told that I’ve helped and encouraged some folks to find their way. To pay attention to how they feel and what they eat every day. The cost is only to do it. Not a diet or moving hop to it. If you’ve questions (or comments), please ask them of me. But right now, I have no more to say.


3 thoughts on “Questions?

  1. I totally enjoy all you write…your style and perhaps the most I enjoy your honesty. I have learned in the past five years since I started on a more healthy life style…NOT a DIET…to be more honest with myself and my ups and downs. Thanks for all you write and I will always read it and it helps me.

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