Win. From my Head to de Feet.

Win. From my Head to de Feet.

Do these shoes make my feet look fat? No. I’ve had enough of that. I ran around in the heels (sometimes on my toes) for my youngest dayghter’s wedding on Saturday. It was a tremendous feat to keep it together as the caterer and the MOB. But it all went beautifully smoothly and I didn’t do a split in my head, my heart, or my feet! No sugar added made the day a lot more sweet!

The cows were grazing in the field and sometimes hollered, “Moo!” But Maureen wasn’t Moo-reen and grazing her way through. I simply did what makes me feel best. That’s what I wanted to do!

Three healthy meals with protein and my vitamins–no more. A little bit of writing to process thoughts in my core. With a hefty dose of gratitude for help on every side, I could focus on the bridegroom and my daughter, now his bride.

The wedding ceremony and reception were a lovely start to what has great potential for a wonderful marriage. They are very young, very tall (6’7″ and 5’11”), and very much in love. We wish them the best for a lifetime!

But moving right along, I switched to my running shoes on Sunday while our lunch of leftover wedding soup was heating up in the oven. Hubby and I went for a 3.15 mile run. Done in 30 minutes, 50 seconds for an overall 9:48 pace. It wasn’t a race, but I beat my personal record and got closer to my goal of a sub 30 5K.

My first 5K, in July 2012 (the week before I turned 50) took 41 minutes to run. Before that, I had never run more than a mile and that was in grade school. Impossible changed to I’m Possible. One step at a time. In time.

I continue to do what works to control my sugar addiction. I am excited for all the things that have become possible along my journey. I am thankful to feel like I continue to develop the real me.
I’m Possible and you are, too! Pay attention to your foods and moods and find what works for you!

The wedding pictures aren’t available yet (they only allowed their photographer to take pictures). But I just realized that I had no thought or worry of anyone taking pictures of me and if I will look overweight or out of shape or miserable inside. What a contrast to the wedding just before I started learning how to live with sugar addiction! Feeling good inside and out is so much sweeter than sugar!


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