Some folks know that my two daughters decided to get married this month. Two weddings. Two weeks apart. One in New Hampshire and one in Missouri. Does it give anyone pause to get married in the “Live Free or Die” state? Probably not. It might be talking about gluten free and dairy free anyway. Actually, that sounds quite unlikely. And although I know Missouri is the “Show Me” state, I always want to think it’s “Missouri loves company.” But that’s me going off the rails. They’re both quite lovely states even though I have a little confusion going on.

So I’m officially, MOBX2. That looks like one of those magnetic signs for a car that’s been to the Outer Banks. Maybe the banks reference is appropriate. No. The weddings are not extravagantly expensive. There’s just a lot to do in a little time.

It’s noteworthy that I’m not going off the rails with food. I’ve made two batches of cookies this afternoon. I have a third wad of dough in the fridge waiting to become peanut butter cookies. No snitcherdoodles for me. I’m just enjoying the process of baking. Hands on, enjoying the scent and the sight, but not a bite.

I had whey powder and MCT oil in my coffee this morning. Breakfast was forty grams of protein and some coconut oil derivative that I don’t know much about, but that my sister-in-law mentioned last month. She said it was good for energy and brain power and I decided to sign up. I think it was helpful. At least in my head. Which is where my brain is supposed to be.

Lunch today was a packet of tuna eaten with a plastic knife (don’t worry, I didn’t get a forked tongue from the experience!), a flat of raspberries from Costco and two prosciutto wrapped cheese sticks from Trader Joe’s. Not anything to write home about, but I’m noting it in this blog entry. It worked for me. I’m not going to eat like that and then mess up the rest of my day with mindless eating.

I probably could be looking at my lists and checking them twice for the food and other stuff we’re toting to the wedding place tomorrow. But I’m really just needing a break with my cup of tea, my computer and some words. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the other stuff covered.

I made a batch of Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free Cookies for the wedding in the Live Free or Die state. I’m calling them Wedding Date Peanut Butter Cookies. I won’t eat them because they’re sweetened with dates, but someone else might like them. I made some cookies for me out of almonds, dried pears, coconut oil and spices. That’s the way the cookie crumbles for me. My daughter wasn’t sure about these cookies. I’ll keep them under wraps for the MOB scene if that’s what needs to happen. I have learned that suggestions from the MA-FYI don’t always work. That’s fine. It’s not my wedding.

On the darker side, I’ve also made molasses spice cookies and regular peanut butter cookies chock full of sugar, shortening, gluten, and other stuff I won’t eat because I can’t tolerate it. But I’m perfectly fine making them for those who can indulge without sparking a sugar addiction reaction.

I’ve run the coffee makers with water to clean them out. My kitchen was full of the percussive sounds of percolators doing their thing. There was something nice about it. Maybe a drum circle effect? I’m not sure.

My tea is almost gone. I think the dough is chilled enough to bake the real peanut butter cookies. My little break is over. I’m not broken. Time to get back to the Wedding stuff on this Thurs-ding afternoon.

PS. A little note about my son’s wedding, a little over five years ago. It was before I learned to manage my sugar addiction. I had tried to lose weight before the wedding, but I didn’t seem to be able to stick with it (classic sugar addiction). These two weddings have not been accompanied by a frantic push to lose weight. I’m living in my healthy weight range. Below my Weight Watcher goal. I’m being fierce about eating to stay in control. Because that’s what I have control over. I do not want my sugar addiction to get in the way of anything associated with these weddings. Or anything else. I crave healthy more than I crave sugar. And it’s good.


2 thoughts on “Weddings.

  1. Absolutely the BEST thing I could read today. You see, my daughter is getting married one year from today! I too, will be eating within my healthy guidelines. Yes, MY healthy guidelines are what works for me and what I will follow for the rest of my life. Enjoy your weekend!

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