Taking up Space.

Taking up Space.

When people ask one of my uncles what he studied in school, he usually replies, “I took up space.” Yes. He’s one of my pun kins. But I was thinking about astronauts this afternoon as I put together my lunch from emergency supplies in my purse. A packet of chicken, a squeezy applesauce and a packet of Trader Joe’s unsweetened instant oatmeal with flax, quinoa, and chia.

It doesn’t sound very appealing like that (oh, I also had a banana that I ate separately), but labeled as apple grilled chicken with whole grain medley, I think it might qualify for the food part of the space program. Think Apple Harvest Chicken Pot Pie.  If it had been heated, it would have tasted manifold better, but it really wasn’t bad. Or I was really hungry. Maybe a combo. But not a McDonald’s or BK or Wendy’s combo.

I picked up two of the Wendy’s 4 for $4 deals for a couple yesterday. All that fried stuff plus the bacon from the cheeseburger smelled rather good in my van. But the scent is all I enjoyed. I didn’t feel like eating any of it. That’s a sign of my successful paradigm shift. Or that I’m now from another planet (because I don’t just eat, I plan it?).

This afternoon, I stopped at Trader Joe’s for more of the instant cereal packets. They didn’t have any in stock. But I wandered around picking out some things that I could eat for an early supper if I needed food before I got home. Apples, Snap Peas, some kind of high protein bean snack, and a bag of ripple cut sweet potato chips. None of the deli meats they had were made without sugar and I didn’t really want six hard boiled eggs. Partly because I couldn’t find a good enough source of protein for me, and possibly because I’d been so focused for lunch, I decided I really didn’t want to buy any of it. So I wandered around and put everything back before I left the store for the next stop on my journey home.

I’ve gotten stuff like that before and eaten it all. But today, I realized my enthusiasm for snacking under the guise of an early supper wasn’t there. And I was thankful. Thankful that I’d been aware of how I was feeling and didn’t just get the stuff because I’d gotten stuff like that before. I’ve been there and done that. And taken up more space afterward.

I was in New York City today. A place known for fine and coarse dining experiences. But today, I ate to fuel my body. I’ll eat some wonderful food tomorrow. I’m going to visit my mother and then we’re going to go to my youngest daughter’s bridal shower together. The focus won’t be on food, but I’ll enjoy it for what it is.

I’m working on the food for my daughter’s wedding the fist Saturday in November. It will be delicious and healthy without being obnoxious. There will be other options that I won’t eat, because of how I know they would make me feel. But that won’t be the focus, either. There will be other things taking up that space!.

I’m home now. I had leftover pork and apples and potatoes to start and then I had just enough space left for a dish of whole milk Greek yogurt and mango sweetened lemon curd. Out of this world, good13502968_10154372544194558_5460833124123659724_o!


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