Offense. Defense. En Pointe. En Garde.

These four things have been popping up in my mind over the last few weeks. I had a wonder if they would show up in a blog post, but I hadn’t fought the battle for them yet. It might be debatable what won.

Offense, defense, en pointe, en garde

Life can be touch-e and sometimes it’s hard.

Walls can go up like a chain link de fence

Around tulips en pointe of a residence.

Whoa! That might rhyme a bit, but there’s not much reason to it. Or, on another thought, maybe there is.

I don’t know everything about fencing. The stuff that goes around things and the stuff that people go around doing. Off fence seems to imply in or out, but not on. De fence implies the structure itself. (And by structure, I’m not talking about what might happen when you leave something outside in a thunderstorm to attract lightning.) Neither do I know much about ballet, other than en pointe might go with tip toeing through the tulips. (And I don’t mean mouth, although I’ve been known to have my foot in my mouth by times. (Do the math. It might add up. Or multiply.)) And then there’s the defense of on guard and protections. (I have to do this with confections.)

Speaking of storms (there’s one in the previous paragraph), there seems to be a perfect storm raging in my brain. And perhaps, once the rain is gone, I’ll see clearly. (I know processed thoughts, not processed foods, have helped me in my lightening experience!) But in the meantime, I’m thinking about the action version of offence: Offend. What does it mean to offend?

I remember writing a blog post about Off-end when I was blogging with Weight Watchers and my sugar addiction. Sugar had the power to off end me, as in put me off track for reaching my goal. Or changing my end point if I wasn’t on point. I had to have a defense against sugar. For a while it meant not letting sugar near me. And then, after I had been using my tracking tools to pay attention to how I felt when I had it, the memory of what sugar could do to me was enough defense. If it’s not in me, it can’t offend me. That’s part of the reason I published my book. I need to remember. In September. And all of the other months, as well. It’s not impossible. I’m Possible. I can live with sugar addiction.

Sugar is so offensive to my system, I can use it for a defense by adding it to something I really don’t want to eat. (Case in point: I was eating too many pecans one day (the Sam’s Club bag was open). I finally toasted the rest of them with butter and maple syrup. That took away their appeal. I would not be off ended by them. Which makes me think of a banana. A person can slip up on a peel. But I digress.)

This past summer, I heard someone talking about being offended. A person could think someone was offended when they were actually just touchy or sensitive. (That’s where the tip toe/en pointe reference comes in.) Hurt feelings don’t necessarily mean being offended (as in knocked off a goalpath). I am aware they can lead to that if they’re not addressed. Fortunately, I’ve experienced forgiveness and forgiving which have helped misunderstandings be understood and overlooked. On-ended.

(Looking back over this post, I can see the surface is wackier than most. There are a few deep thoughts that have been helpful to me, though. There are also a lot of parenthesis. Perhaps they’re grand parenthesis.)

And if you’ve gotten to these words, thank you for sticking with it. I hope that means I didn’t off end you.

Best wishes!



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