For Training Porpoises.

For Training Porpoises.

When things seem like a train wreck and there’s not much I can do, I know for sure what won’t fix things: it’s chew, chew, chew, chew, chew!

For me that only gums things up and causes more distress. I start in grazing like Moo-reen and miss the points, I guess.

Although the wreckage ’round me might slow my travels down, I can stay on track, reflect a bit, and try hard not to frown.

I can find a bit of thankfulness and show a bit more love. Have a kind and listening ear with a pull and not a shove.

I may not make a difference for the situation now, but there’s a better chance in this circumstance if I’m healthy, and not a cow.

I’m not sure if I can explain my title. Or even if it needs one. I was thinking of life flashing pasturize and things that might be done after a wreck.

A cow-ardly response for me is grazing to a stupor. Numbing with a crystal drug that’s known in French as sucre.

The porpoise ref’rence is just a pun. A play on solid purpose. But on second thought I wondered if it fit as a more focused animal reference (cows vs. porpoises).

On third thought, cows can be trained to work in a yoke. On fourth thought, I could make a joke. But I really don’t know anything about porpoise shows vs cow shows.

I can imagine porpoises jumping through hoops. I’m not sure about cows and hoops. They seem more likely for moons and pies.

But I digress. The title stands. This post works for me. Processed thoughts instead of processed food puts me in a better mood!


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