Anectdotal Antidote.

I read an article that pushed back on the reduced sugar movement. I think it was commissioned by the sugar council. What I got from reading it was that there is little if any scientific research or evidence that sugar is bad, per se.

It may or may not be bad per se, but I think it is bad for me, per say. I spent years of my life feeling out of control when it came to sugar. When I learned to pay attention to what I ate and how I felt, it was very clear that sugar is a big problem for me. Like, an addiction.

When I greatly reduced my sugar intake, I experienced withdrawal symptoms. Cravings were excruciating until I got past the fifth day. I would plead the fifth when I relapsed with sugar. It was like being an alcoholic, I think. Abstinence works best for me. Dabbling with sugar is dangerous to my sense of well being.

In the course of learning to live with sugar addiction, I blogged my moods and logged my foods. In the course of time and tenacity, I gained control of my impulses and moods. I also lost over seventy-five pounds and starred running.

Pursuant to that (sorry, I couldn’t resist that impulse). I was encouraged to write a book and share my story.  Part of my motivation to do that was so I could have a reference book to help me continue to manage my sugar addiction.

My book is a collection of anecdotes that serve as antidotes when I start to slip into my old habits. It’s a record of me doing what had alway seemed impossible–feeling good in body and mind. Hence, the title, The i’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction.

My book is available for purchase from (my publisher), and can be ordered from bookstores through Ingrams. It is also available with a Google search, but if you want to support local independent book stores, ask for it by name. Or perhaps you could get your local library to order it. At least two libraries in Connecticut have it.

The Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe in Manchester, Connecticut,has stocked my book on its shelves.  Check out their website:

That’s all I have for now.  Ciao! (I’ll wait until supper for no sugar chow.)

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment!


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