Mystory. (Not history.)

Part of mystory involves Weight Watchers online community blogs. Recently, Weight Watchers decided to replace the community with a new platform called Connect. The new system rolled out earlier in the year. It had some glitches, but they’re starting to work them out enough for me to feel more comfortable using it as a tool in my sugar addiction management program. I feel like it’s a wannabe combination of Facebook and Twitter and maybe something else. It involves hashtags. #runonletterstocategorizethingsforeasyretrievalifyoucanrememberhowtodoit

I successfully navigated Connect over the last week. I was able to use it as a tool to thwart grazing. There is much room for improvement. But I could log in on my laptop and cut and paste my entry from this morning as an example of what I could do on my phone. I hope there is a way to post to the online version soon. After talking with three different Weight Watchers employees last week, I still didn’t have an answer for when this would happen.

The second or third week of August was the closest anyone would come to a date. And there was no guarantee of fully operational Connect when the Community Center was imploded. But I’m making this work for me. I have to. The weeks of floundering uncertainty did a bit of damage that I really didn’t want. My choices seemed impaired. I ate dates when I wouldn’t have dared. But I’m back to the land of I’m Possible. I’m Aware I need to use all of my tools. I’m Accepting that they’ve changed. And I’m Adapting to make this work for me.

Connect worked for #snackhacks
I got though in rhyme
Three meals and no snacks
Is my new paradigm!

It’s not new in trying
I’ve worked this a while
As I’ve managed my addiction
And gone another mile

The journey’s not impossible
Though it might have seemed that way
I’ve proven that I’m Possible
From thick to thin and come what may!

A break from the metre to rehash the past. I will give the short version to make it fast.

I used to weigh over 250 pounds. My mood swings were headed out of bounds. The aches and pains in my joints and my back. The out of breath stairs. Fearing heart attack. I wanted to feel better in my mind even if I couldn’t lose weight. I read a book: cut out sugar and you’ll feel great!

We’ll it was a little more than that, but I did cut out sugar, tracked what I ate and wrote how I felt. Three meals a day with protein. No grazing. I joined Weight Watchers online to use the trackers. I wanted to eat enough to lose weight if I could.

The tracking worked, but as a bonus, I also discovered the blogging community. I lost a lot of weight and gained a pile of friends and support as I blogged along. My toolkit was logging, jogging, and blogging.

The rest is history. Actually, it’s mystory! Check out The I’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction. It’s the story of me shrinking myself. Changing my mind with self analysis and AAA. Awareness, Acceptance, and Adapting. I also shrunk myself to a healthy BMI and lifetime Weight Watchers status (staying at healthy goal weight with weigh ins at least once a month for free eTools).

For full disclosure (and yes, I weigh without clothes), I had reached that goal several times before, but never with a paradigm shift.

That’s mystory to now
I don’t graze like a cow
or wallow in mud like her barn friend the sow.
I felt thrown for a loop when blogs flew the coop
But I won’t go out with a bow.
I’m here on Connect as my eTools allow
I’m not stuck in a drift ’cause I’ve got a plow!
(I’m going to make this work for me!)
I am in gear, with my tools and sugar addict rules. Going forward. Going the distance. Keeping AAA current. For planning and emergency assistance.

What’s yourstory?

PS. Sometimes the wordplay is on purpose. And other times, it just happens. (Floundering, or on porpoise!)


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