Cooking Con Fusion with a side of Connect.

I’m still trying to find my routine of sorts while Weight Watchers is changing around their online tools. I suppose that might be why I’ve felt a little out of sorts. But yesterday and today were good days in the life of this sugar addict in recovery.

Yesterday, my breakfast.Homemade yogurt cheese. The full fat variety. And a cup of fresh blueberries. It tasted really good and it was satisfying. For awhile, anyway.

I worked on a project of cleaning out my pantry and spice cabinets. While I did that I decided to make seed crackers and chocolate banana crackers. Both were made up as I went and I didn’t do a great job of writing out a recipe. The seed crackers had a cup of pecans, chopped. A half cup each of sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, and flax seeds. Seasoned with a tablespoon of Tones garlic-rosemary spice. I added a cup and a half of water and mixed it into somewhat of a dough. Spread it thin on parchment lined cookie sheet. Baked it for 1/2 hour and turned it over. I cut it into cracker size squares before I popped it back into the oven for another 1/2 hour to finish crisping them up.

Then I attempted to make a sweetish (as opposed to Swedish) version of a cracker with 4 ripe bananas, pecans, ground flax, coconut flour, eggs, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cocoa powder and salt. I might have put some vanilla extract in it, too. It was a fairly stiff dough that I was able to spread to 1/4 inch thick on a parchment lined cookie sheet. I used the baking method I had successfully used for my crackers. But I messed up the lovely flat of half baked dough when I tried to flip it. Oh wel., I arranged the broken pieces on two cookie sheets, finished baking them, and felt successful with the project. All of my taste testers were impressed. And when I had some with lunch, I was, too. I write of this in case someone wants to use the idea for her own experiment.

Today, I’ve made spice cookies, coconut chews, and biscotti. All with gluten and sugar. I won’t taste them, but I think they’ll be quite edible for anyone who can eat that sort of thing. As I was baking this afternoon, I thought about the two styles of baking I’ve been doing. Actually, I could add in the international salad I made on Wednesday. Blending cultures and other styles. Perhaps it could be considered fusion. Or con-fusion. I suppose a person could be with it or against it and it would be spelled the same way. Yes. That’s a good example of confusion.

One of my big discoveries this week. Or maybe it’s more of a validation of what I wrote in my book. It’s really important for me to use the tool of writing in order to manage my sugar addiction. It’s not so much what keeps me on track as it is a part of the track.

Yesterday, I wanted to eat around 3:30. Not supper time, even though I’d had my lunch at 10:30 that morning (I was hungry, I wanted to taste my baking projects, and so I had them with an early lunch.  Part of my plan is to not eat between meals (aka grazing). Another part is to write about how I’m feeling. That used to be on the Weight Watchers Blog Community, but with that soon to disappear, I logged into Weight Watchers Connect on my phone and wrote and commented my way past the urge to eat way before what I could justify as supper time..

It’s the dreaded hour
Of in between
The time that calls me:
Come on Moo-reen!
It’s not time for supper,
Have a little snack!
But it’s not really hunger:
Sugar’s on the attack.
I grab a drink of water
And then pick up my phone
To do what I oughter:
Connect! Not be alone.
I used to do it on the blogs
But that tool’s being retired
So here I am not eating snacks
And trying to rewire.
Addiction is a serious thing
I had to learn to manage
And use the tools to work for me
So sugar can’t do damage!

There. I’ve had 16 ounces of water and sort of wrote a poem. I’ve not succumbed to grazing. I Connect-ed with my phone!

With that post, I felt like I had a better hope of continuing my journey with this new tool of Connect. My writing flowed and I didn’t lose it to a wrong keystroke before I posted it. I also got positive feedback from my friends because I finally remembered to include appropriate hashtags. Weight Watchers continues to improve the usability of the Connect tool and I’m continuing to practice wielding it.

If you’re still reading, I’ll share the post previous (that sounds a little strange–a pre-post–but not quite preposterous!) to the one I just shared. It was the start of the glimmer of hope after not feeling very happy with the changes (the phone app was designed for iPhones–enough said as a lead in).

I phone with a Samsung
But I don’t feel too smart
As I try to #connect
With this new fangled art.

I see some advances–
More, e’en, today.
The tool evolves and so do I
Soon, I’ll be Pointing the way!

With a nod to my blog
As a faithful old friend
With whom I could process
Thoughts and depend

I’ll continue in kind
As I learn this Connect
Keep shrinking my mind
As you just might expect

It isn’t impossible
I know this is true
I know that I’m Possible
And think you are, too!

I’m Possible when
I use my tools
Log, Jog, and C(b)log
With my personal rules.

I’ve found the things
That work for me
By paying attention
To a lifetime of free.

I now pause with an announcement that’s not quite in rhyme. I have more to say but I’m out of time. (But not out of thyme. though it’s not in this blurb. That’s a great thing to spice with, haven’t you herb?!)

With no more adieu
I’ll say this to you
I’m working Connect
With a tried. And that’s true.

There. I think I also discovered (or rediscovered) that humor is important to my personal success as well. (Another deep thought. Water you say?) If I can see through to the funny side, I think it helps me with perspective. I have to take my sugar addiction seriously, but part of how I deal with it is finding amusement in the journey. (Humor me. Humerus hits my funny bone.) And before this post goes completely wacky, I think I’ll log off. (I think I can say I saw that coming!)


One thought on “Cooking Con Fusion with a side of Connect.

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