International Domesticity.

If I had the date correct for the recent United Way International potluck fundraiser at my husband’s workplace, I would have been shopping yesterday, cooking last night and sending the results with my husband this morning..

But that’s not what happened. Yesterday morning, about fifteen minutes before my husband was to leave for work, he came downstairs and exclaimed, “I had the date wrong. The potluck is today!” And then, “Can you put something together before I leave?” I assured him that I would bring something to his workplace before the lunch event and he accepted that I wasn’t really wonder woman in the department of cooking. Well, I suppose I could be wonder woman. I wonder a lot about what I’m going to cook.

Instead of going out to get some multi colored peppers and whatever else I had in mind for this international dish to serve twenty people, I cooked from my kitchen and made it work. I thought what of a little old lady (I have a hard time thinking of her as old, even though she is over 90) has told me at least once a year for at least a decade, “Salads and casseroles! Use what you have. They’re always good.”

Ancient grains (quinoa and buckwheat) with Fresh vegetables (carrots, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers) and fresh garlic,  mint, olives, leftover roasted rosemary-garlic chicken, feta, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and crushed red pepper. I also included some dried basil and thyme. I threw in the last bit because I felt like I needed more time, why not the salad, too.I put it all together and decided it was Mediterranean Chicken Salad with a Peruvian Twist (Quinoa).I also made Almond Joy Biscotti as an Italian American back up in case the salad wasn’t a coup.

I didn’t get my planned three mile run in, but I felt a bit like I’d run a half marathon by the time I met my husband at the entrance of his work a little over three hours later. Forty five minutes of that was just driving there.

The event ended up having way too much food, so my husband brought home the leftover salad. (There weren’t any leftover biscotti). He assured me that proportionally, people had eaten more of my salad than the other dishes. And someone had asked for the recipe. I like it when people like what I cook. I hadn’t tasted it first, but when I tried what I’d kept back for supper, I was rather pleased with it. And I’m not sad to have lunches made for the rest of the week and into the weekend!

I’ve been a bit off with my writing for a little while. Weight Watchers, the place where I started blogging to help control my sugar addiction, announced the ending of its blogging community. It threw me for a bit of a loop. Fortunately, it didn’t throw me for a fruit loop.

Weight Watchers has a new community style tool, Connect, that was rolled out a while ago. But it’s not extremely user friendly with my Samsung. I tried to embrace it, but it was really awkward and not very helpful to me. This week, they opened up Connect in the eTools, but it’s even less operational than the phone app. Fortunately, they continue to improve the phone app. (Or I’m just getting smarter with it.)

I resisted Connect and I spent some time grieving the loss of my blogging community. I felt sad and somewhat angry that they were taking away a tool that had worked so well for me. But now I’ve accepted that I need to learn how to make this new tool work for me. And, in the process of their updates and improvements, I think I’ll be able to use it for my good.

One thing that I’ve had reinforced with this experience is that writing out my thoughts is a huge help to me. It’s not helping me stay on track, it is part of my track to stay in control of sugar instead of sugar controlling me. I didn’t dip into the white stuff, but I certainly caved to between meal eating more than once. I even broke into some dates I had in the cupboard. I’d purchased them to make some treats for someone else, but instead, I numbed myself with them one afternoon. I ate them all. They were too sweet. The aftertaste was bitter. Not worth it. Had I whipped out my book and read it, I would have been better off. But I didn’t. It’s done. And I’m back on track.

Speaking of track, I’m signed up for the Hartford Half Marathon in October. Training started today. Three miles in my neighborhood. An easy run if it hadn’t been 84 degrees at 8 this morning. With high humidity. I felt a little (or a lot) like quitting after 19 seconds. (I checked my Garmin.) But I didn’t quit. I convinced myself that I could do a mile. And then I thought I could do another half mile. I looped around at random places on my route to give me a better chance of going the distance. And finally, I had 3.01 miles on my watch and behind me. It felt a bit like the last three miles of my last half marathon. I’ve decided that was a great way to start training. Practicing the finish. It will only get better, I think.





6 thoughts on “International Domesticity.

  1. Great day for me to read this! I was puttering in the garden today & thinking & it hit me that even though women are making history these days- my best achievements have been as a wife and mother. And look at you!! You rock and totally came thru with a lovely dish on short notice. You supported your husband, you were nice about it and you put your mind to it and saved the day and a few extra lunches, etc. These are the unsung moments that really matter. So keep on track and yay for you!!

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  2. Another super article from you, Maureen. When you share your thoughts I learn and often get in touch with feelings I couldn’t express. You cook like I cook! 🙂

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  3. Someone should hook you up a cape and a the embosssed letter S etched on your sweater ^_^
    Oooh I see you putting in the runs, I am a tad bit of a fitness freak my personal mantra these days is


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