Hold on.

I had the opportunity to listen to hold music while I was trying to get through to my health insurance company this morning. I think in a different setting, I might enjoy the music, but this morning, the longer I listened, the more agitated I felt. So much so that I mentioned it when I finally got through. I suggested that the employees might have a better experience with the customers if the hold music were changed. Customers probably don’t need to be more agitated if they’re calling the insurance company.

I couldn’t find a recording when I Googled Cigna hold music, but I did discover there are a lot of people who don’t like it. Think percussion. Marimba and drums? Maybe they think the music goes well with the tympanic membrane (aka ear drum). But ma brain wasn’t too happy with it. Not exactly panic, but agitation. Switch the beat up. I’m guessing this particular hold music is a cost savings measure. But I’m also guessing a change would have economic and emotional benefits for employee and customer satisfaction. Get a grip. This hold music produces gripes!

Continuing with the holding thought, I got to meet my newest grandson Friday night. I had to hold off until I got through some antibiotics and testing on a lump in my neck. (The best guess is that I reacted locally to an insect bite and, in turn, got an abscessed lymph node. The insurance call was regarding the treatment progression for that.) Thankfully, the neck deal is resolving. And, thankfully, the baby hadn’t grown up completely before we got to meet him and hold him. He’s a lovely little fellow and I look forward to getting to know him better.

While I was waiting to see a doctor on Friday, I was reading my best cellar book about learning to live with sugar addiction. I realized that just picking and choosing parts of what works for me leaves me shaky. Like my foundation isn’t rock solid. And sure enough, pieces of rock are really just sand. Going back and reading what I did and how I felt proved to be a huge help to me. All of the pieces together in solid form. It’s something to hold on to. It helps me get a grip. And it helps me stand firm. Because it’s what truly works for me. I need to hold that thought.

Speaking of holding, as in waiting, I’m sorry to report that the cookbook I’m working on doesn’t have a publish date. It actually doesn’t have a publisher. Yet. But I’m working on it. Feel free to try out the recipes I’ve posted on this site. I’d love some feedback about your results.

In the meantime, the (sweet potato) chips are down. 13724050_10154446107764558_5666326920070990362_oI washed and thinly sliced a sweet potato. Lined a large cookie sheet with parchment paper and gave it a spray with cooking spray. Spread the slices in a sort of single layer (a little overlap and standing up against the edges), gave them another spray.  I popped them in the oven on the slow-cook lo setting. 5 hours or so later, they were all crunchy and ready for a sprinkle of sea salt. A medium sweet potato makes a lot of chips!






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