Well, perhaps, it’s really cow a bungle.

I have no beef against cows. I like cows. But I am not a cow. Cows graze. Or maybe sheep graze. I feel a little sheepish that I needed to Google that to check. But I’m safe. Cows graze. Sheep do to. But I don’t. Moo!

I thought of cowabunga as a title last night when I was trying to sleep. Actually, Cow a Bungle is a better term for me to think about. When I eat like a cow, a bungle usually follows. Part of my strategy to live with sugar addiction is eating only three meals a day. That’s what works for me. Grazing is a red flag for me. When I’m aware that I’m grazing, I have to accept that sugar addiction is trying to rope me in. It’s sweet talk that resembles a bull.

I was in a dangerous place with grazing last week. It happened. I recognized that I didn’t feel right in mind and body. So I took steps to regain control.

I successfully navigated this weekend with no grazing. I had supper at 5 last night when it seemed like I wanted to cave. When everyone else had supper at 6:30, I had a quart sized mason jar of water. Actually, having my supper at 5 made it easier for me to make pizza for everyone else. I like to make pizza, but I don’t like to eat it. Well, I don’t like what happens after I eat it. Too much white flour for me. It sets me up for a graze craze. No thank you. I had the satisfaction of making the dough, assembling the pizza (mozzarella, diced tomatoes, fresh basil), baking it to perfection (pretty close), and sensing the perfect crunch of the crust as I cut it. I also enjoyed the enjoyment of the people who ate it. (To milk this cow thing a little more, they could have said to me, “It only passed your eyes!”)

Part of my plan for reining in the grazing was blogging. I wrote on my wordpress site. I wrote some on the Weight Watchers site. I also read and commented on blog posts here and there. And I interacted with a few people in comments and response. It helped a lot.

I ran a 5K on Friday evening. I hadn’t practiced much. I hadn’t even run at all last week. But my husband commented that I shouldn’t discount my fitness level going into the race. He knew I hadn’t run much lately, he didn’t know so much about the grazing problem, but he thought I could potentially run a good pace. The encouragement helped. I changed my racing strategy to include fast walking up the last hill before running the final downhill part (I’ve never walked in a race before). And when the results came in, I had a new personal record of 33:30/5K. I also had the thought of doing some training and possibly signing up for my third half marathon this fall.

The other part of my stop the graze days was helping my husband work on our shed roof. We put down tar paper and I got lots of leg and arm exercise climbing ladders and swinging a staple hammer on Saturday.

I didn’t track my food, but I was only eating at mealtimes. The foods I chose were healthy and rich in protein and good fats. Nothing had sugar added. I was not focused on trying to get sweets another way. It worked for me. I feel better and my weight has gone back to where it goes when I’m using my tools.

I’ll be weighing in for my free lifetime eTools today. Under goal. Happy. Healthy. Not in a corner. (I just thought I’d slip that in for, well, grins!)


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