Quiche and Tell. Just the Flax.

Quiche and Tell. Just the Flax.

I think yesterday was International Kiss Day. It wasn’t why I fixed quiche for supper, but I suppose it was appropriate that I did!

What I have to tell is how I made my crust. I had considered making a full fledged white flour, shortening, salt and water pie crust to go along with the mess I’d made of my eating already (chips, cherries, and not enough protein). But the white flour just felt too much like white sugar and I abandoned that idea. I could have gone with it and left the crust on my plate, but I had an idea to use ground flax and went with that instead.

I’m not going to tell you how I made the quiche part, but I will tell you how I made the crust.

1 1/2 cups ground flax (There was a cup and a half of flax meal in the two opened bags I had in the fridge. That’s the reasoning for that measurement.)

1/2 cup water (it seemed like a good amount)

1/2 tsp salt

Mix ground flax, salt, and water together to form a dough

Press mixture in a 9 inch pie plate to form a crust. (I used the back of a serving spoon to press and smooth it out.)

At this point, I assembled the contents of the quiche and baked it at 400 for about 40 minutes.

It wasn’t my favorite pie crust ever, but it worked. And my daughter liked it enough to have leftovers for breakfast this morning!

I may try this crust recipe again and pre-bake the pie shell before adding lemon curd and meringue.


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