Degrees of Separation, Heat, and Education.

Degrees of Separation, Heat, and Education.

My last post was meant in a light hearted happy way. It may have seemed a little kooky, but that’s okay. It probably was. Relatively.

It’s rather amazing how connections can be made quite quickly. I relate to the author of The Golden Age of Charli series because she’s the person my marketing consultant pointed to as an example of someone who had used the iUniverse marketing services to build a website. I checked out her site, commented on her post, and there we were. Poised for friendship. I’m not sure how many degrees that counts as. We’ve never met in person, but I count her as a friend of mine. I could actually introduce you to her. If you want to check out her website you can tell her I sent you. She’ll treat you kindly. I’m sure of it.

Now, on to the degrees of heat. I bought a candy spatula with a built in digital thermometer yesterday. I wanted one because it’s really helpful in the making of lemon curd. Or, as was the case today, lime curd. 170 degrees is the critical number. What’s kind of funny about my purchase was that I had stopped in at a kitchen store in a nearby outlet mall. My quest was for Texas Kicker Hot Sauce and they happened to have six bottles of it. I found out that I could get $5 off if I spent $30 at that store, so I scurried around to the clearance aisle and found one digital thermometer candy spatula that I wasn’t looking for but really wanted. And it was just the right amount of money to trigger the discount!

In other news about my shopping yesterday, I was looking for a 3.5 quart Dutch oven to make yogurt in. I stopped at Home Goods, checked the clearance corner, and found a Le Creuset 3.5 quart Dutch oven. I bought it with the option to return it. When I checked out the Le Creuset store at the outlet mall, I decided that 65% off, even though it was still a bit pricey in my (check)book, was probably a pretty good deal.

The outside temperatures have been heating up this week. Today is pretty close to 90 and tomorrow may be warmer. The heat is on outside. The AC is on inside. I made my first batch of lime curd this morning while it was a little less hot. I increased my education on fruit curd by finding out what not to do. I used a little more zest than I needed to. I should have left out the salt. And I don’t think the vanilla extract added any degree of benefit. But it’s edible. No sugar added, but I probably should have used one more champagne mango to decrease the pucker degree.

This afternoon, I decided I’d make my version of pasta salad with quinoa. I had to cook the quinoa, but that was only a 20 minute simmer. I chopped up cucumber, red pepper, yellow pepper, zucchini, summer squash, carrots, celery, garlic, mint, kale, and feta. I added about a pound of frozen peas. And about a cup of crumbled feta. The juice of a leftover lime. A half a cup of olive oil. One tablespoon salt. A teaspoon of black pepper. And, when it was cooked, the quinoa (2 cups quinoa in 4 cups water simmered for 20 minutes). I put the quinoa in hot, mixed it all up, covered it and put it in the fridge.

Back to the Dutch oven from France. This afternoon I decided to bake some chicken in it to go with the quinoa salad. The clerk at the Le Creuset store had extolled the “low and slow” qualities of the cookware and I thought it might somehow counteract the high and fast temperatures outside. Wishful thinking, perhaps. But it was a good enough reason for me to try it out. I used a dry rub spice mix that has no sugar added. It’s my favorite for chicken, pork, salmon, and beef. I’m thinking the recipe should be in a book.

Speaking of cookbooks, my recipes are Piled High and Deep. That’s the degree of doneness at the moment. I have to Master how to put a cookbook together. I want it to be one that any Bachelor or Associate can use with ease and enjoyment. And then there’s the matter of finding a publisher. Any ideas?



2 thoughts on “Degrees of Separation, Heat, and Education.

  1. Reblogged this on The Golden Age of Charli and commented:
    Enjoy these recipes from Maureen. The recipes have no sugar, but Maureen generally sweetens her writing with her flair for bon mots. Speaking of French, Maureen reminds me of Julia Child. Maureen has the same scientific dedication to crafting the perfect recipe. Lime and Lemon Curd are under her microscope now. Thanks, Maureen for the recipes and for the shout out! If you are a friend of Maureen’s, welcome!

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